Monday, June 29, 2009

Regular disposable diapers vs. disposable pull-up diapers

I had my 1-year old baby girl, Maia, try on disposable pull-up diapers. They're like regular diapers but put on like underwear. My husband & I decided to let Maia try these as an experiment, to know once & for all, which type would be better for our daughter to use on a more regular basis. Since we already use Huggies Dry Comfort, we decided to go for their pull-up variant as well. I must say, they were a "breath of fresh air."

Firstly, because they were so easy to put on! We didn't need to concern ourselves with such issues as to whether or not the diaper was put on evenly; whether it was too high-up at the back or too low in the front; whether the leak flaps/ruffles both inside & outside the diaper are neatly positioned; whether the sticky-tapes are securely fastened, etc. We just simply put them on and Maia was good to go!

Secondly, however active Maia was, the diaper stayed in place!

The only downside to using pull-up diapers happens when you need to dispose of it already. Unlike regular disposable diapers where you can roll them up & still fasten in place, the pull-up variants can only be rolled up...leaving you with a room reeking of the smell of soiled baby diapers!

In conclusion, we've decided to let Maia use regular disposable diapers at bedtime, and the pull-ups for AFTER she has "pooped" and when she is actively awake. (Thought: I wonder if other tried-and-tested diaper brands like Skip's and Mamy Poko have the pull-up styles and are they any good?)

Oh, I can't wait till she is potty-trained and won't need to wear diapers anymore!

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