Monday, July 20, 2009

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

My husband and I watched the third sequel to the Ice Age franchise...."Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" on our 3rd wedding anniversary. Aside from the movie trailers which were shown months before the movie opened, we heard nothing else about Ice Age 3. No review. I don't know why. Maybe we're just not watching entertainment shows as much, or maybe we haven't been reading up on movie reviews. All we know is that, until the time we watched it, which was opening day here in the Philippines (July 15, 2009), all was silent. The only thing going for us was that the 1st two installments were hilarious! And so, we were hoping this one was also.

So, we watched. And I must tell you, it is a fun movie! Never thought I would miss Sid (the sloth) so much, as well as Manny (the mammoth), Diego (the tiger), Scrat (the squirrel)...and even Ellie (the lady mammoth), and Crash and Eddie (the possums).

In this sequel, Manny and Ellie are preparing for the arrival of their baby. Diego's age is catching up with him and influences Sid that Manny now has a family and won't have need for them once the baby arrives. Diego decides to move away from their herd and fly solo. Sid attempts to form a different herd and eventually finds eggs which he instinctively adopts, vowed to care for, and named Eggbert, Shelly and Yolko (hehehe...get it?). The eggs hatched open and out came baby dinosaurs, who mistake Sid as their mommy. Sid then brings his babies back to where Manny, Ellie and all other non-dinosaurs live. All hell breaks lose when the baby dinos started to display "dino instincts". Worst, the mother T-Rex arrives looking for her babies. She takes them away with her, along with Sid. Manny & the gang (including Diego, who saw Sid being carried away by the mama T-Rex) follow them to a whole new world from under the earth.

In their search for silly Sid, they went through a number of adventures, were chased by other dinosaurs and almost swallowed by gigantic dangerous plants...but got through it with the aid of their newfound friend Buck. Meanwhile, Sid has been busting heads with the mother T-Rex on how to better care for and feed the baby dinos. If you're wondering why he hasn't died yet, it is because her baby dinos are the ones shielding him from the mama T-Rex. By nightfall, the mother T-Rex and Sid have come to resolve their differences. Other meaner dinosaurs come to ruin the "fun" and..."perfect timing"...Manny & Ellie's baby decides its time to come out. Teamwork was what made them get through everything. Sid was saved. They all went back home together as one unique herd with Peaches, the baby mammoth.

It touched me because this is a movie that values the meaning of family...of oneness...of being a parent...of friendship. It's a 3D's a family movie (though kids might find the other dino scenes to be too scary)'s a feel-good's a laugh-out-loud movie...and it's a movie that's full of adventure yet it touches the heart. I give it a double thumbs-up!

I can't wait till the day I can bring my baby girl to her first movie. Oh, what fun I'm sure that will be :)

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