Below are awards given to me by my fellow bloggers.  Feel free to click on the links after each image to read up on the article/s.

Thank you for recognizing Online Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom!


Mama Mia is a 30-something wife; stay-at-home mom to one; blogger; and author of this blog. Learn more about Mia here, or contact her via this page.

Awarded by on April 19, 2011 (by Tina) AND April 22, 2010 (by Joy)

Awarded on January 20, 2011 (by Pibyang) AND March 9, 2011 (by Vix)

Given by Amy on September 25, 2010
by Sam on March 10, 2011

Given TWICE on the same day, September 21, 2010 (by Melysah and Patricia)

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