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NOTICE (as of September 2011):
This blog page is no longer open to badge exchanges. Sorry.

This page was inspired by Mommy Kayth of the blog entitled:  "My Simple Life".  She brought this vital aspect of blogging to my attention when, in one of her comments, she asked if I had a badge and that she wanted to include me in her Friendship Links.

And so, I too, have come up with a page of my own, entitled:  OCSAHM's Friends!  If you wish to be included in this page, do grab my badge (found at my sidebar) and let me know by contacting me here or saying so in your comments on one of my posts.  The same goes for when you include my blog in your Blog Roll.  I'll be sure to return the favor.

Here's to newfound blogging friendships! More power and Godspeed!

Mama Mia is a 30-something wife; stay-at-home mom to one; blogger; and author of this blog. Learn more about Mia here, or contact her via this page.



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