Thursday, July 30, 2009

My baby and her children's books

My baby is now 14 months old and, already, she displays signs that she prefers reading her books more than playing with her toys. When she wants to be read to, she repeatedly pats the book's cover...and stops doing so when you motion over to her. Then, with a smile...thanks you in advance!

Of course, I cannot assume that she can already read...but I do know that she can already comprehend what is being read to her. There are times when, after I randomly open a page from one of her baby books, she would blurt out "Eddy Bear!"...then I look and find out for myself that we were indeed looking at a picture of two (2) teddy bears. When its simply a board book with pictures in them, she sits down beside you or in front of you, as if ready to be taught new things. Sometimes, she would turn the pages rather fast as if urging me to try and "catch up with her".

But, it's a different thing whenever I bring out the bigger books. The bigger and thicker books signal to her that it's story-telling time. So she makes it a point to sit on my lap and appears to be savouring the moment by listening, smiling and looking at me when I use different voices to portray different emotions and characters. At times, she would attempt to turn the page while I'm still reading, but after I motion to her that she shouldn't be doing such, she easily obeys and stops. When I say, "The End. Finish."...she instinctively stands up, walks towards me, then gives me a hug or plants a kiss if to thank me. Sometimes she would even clap her hands. She doesn't seem to mind if I start to read another story. But after a while of reading one story after another, I'm the one who begs to have a short break, as she doesn't seem to tire of our reading sessions.

However, there are also days when she feels like reading by her lonesome and doesn't want anyone holding her books for her. Then, after a little while, you hear her babbling words comprehensible only to her...then begin to laugh, shriek in excitement, and then smile at you you the signal that she's now ready to let you in on her fun (Oh no! Don't tell me she is turning "emo" on us as early as now?!). Yet, you find the whole thing so amusing, nonetheless.

With everything that I have & still observe in my baby girl, I am just all the more encouraged to read to her, and support her in her other new learnings and discoveries!

If you're curious to know what we have been reading to our baby girl, below is a list of her books, so far:

  1. My First Colors Glitter Book (Pocket Money Press, 2009)
  2. My First Counting Glitter Book (Pocket Money Press, 2009)
  3. My First Toys Glitter Book (Pocket Money Press, 2009)
  4. My First Words Glitter Book (Pocket Money Press, 2009)
  5. Big Words for Little People (by Curtis & Cornell, Joanna Cotler Books, 2008)
  6. Dancing Duck (by Rachel Baines, Kids Play, 2008)
  7. Disney/Baby Einstein - First Words (Disney Press, NY, 2008)
  8. My Treasury of Fairy Tales (Igloo Books Ltd., 2007)
  9. Love You Forever (by Munsch & McGraw, Firefly Books, 72nd ed., 2006)
  10. Mama, How Long Will You Love Me? (by Anna Pignataro, Cartwheel Books, 2006)
  11. Brainy Baby 123's (The Brainy Baby Company, 2005)
  12. Brainy Baby ABC's (The Brainy Baby Company, 2005)
  13. Brainy Baby Animals (The Brainy Baby Company, 2005)
  14. Brainy Baby Shapes & Colors (The Brainy Baby Company, 2005)
  15. Toes, Ears, & Nose! (by Bauer & Katz, Little Simon, 2003)
  16. Where is Baby's Mommy? (by Karen Katz, Little Simon, 2001)
  17. Where is Baby's Belly Button? (by Karen Katz, Little Simon, 2000)
  18. Country Angel Christmas (by Tomie dePaola, Scolastic, Inc., 1995)

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