Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hell's Kitchen (My Guilty Pleasure!)

As the title suggests...yes, I'm a Hell's Kitchen fanatic. I didn't used to be. Wasn't even able to watch the 1st Season. But then my husband got me started. I've always been a fan of cooking/ culinary/ food review shows...but then Hell's Kitchen is a whole other ballgame...it's like Top Chef and Big Brother in one show!

Another reason which keeps me glued on to the show is it's host, Chef Gordon Ramsay. I don't exactly know why but I find myself respecting the guy for his achievements, talent and his openness to push the boundaries in culinary techniques. Other people may not get it, but I like him. He excels at what he does. And I believe he is the way he is in the show because he needs to be tough on his contestants. He needs to bring out the best in each and everyone of them. He needs to know they can stand the pressures of running their own 5-star restaurant. His name IS on the line.

That's why I couldn't believe it when a contestant from Hell's Kitchen Season 6 had the audacity to pick a fight with Chef Ramsay...on the show's second episode, mind you! You see, my husband and I had the chance to watch four (4) back-to-back episodes yesterday. I made sure that my baby girl was not around so that she won't have to see the "violence" and "hot tempers" that are part and parcel of the show. Good thing I did that for I found myself getting so affected as the show progressed. My husband kept reminding me to relax.

But my goodness! Who wouldn't get affected when you see that the show's host is being egged-on to a brawl by a higly-strung, onion-skinned, disobedient and thug-like former US Marine?! I mean, was he never shouted at by his superiors during boot camp? I thought Marines where all about following commands? I thought people in the armed forces (in general) are disciplined, have control over their thoughts and emotions, and know to pick their battles? Or are they, like this Joseph guy... quick to anger, and disrespectful of authority? I know they're not!....I sure hope they're not! What he displayed was very unbecoming of a Marine -- be it in active duty or otherwise.

I mean, what's so hard about answering a simple question such as: "Who did you nominate for elimination and why?" Why do you have to take issue about following procedure? Wasn't he used to following orders when he was in the Marines? Chef Ramsay didn't even give an order. He asked a question. He's been asking that question during elimination ceremonies in Hell's Kitchen for Six Seasons!

That's one more thing...everyone who has applied to be a contestant on the show has, presumably, seen the show and how it operates. Why did this Joseph guy even sign up for it? Contestants, presumably, know that the only way they can get their hands on the $250K prize money and become the executive or head chef of a world-renowned restaurant is to go through the "HK system." I mean, he was lucky to even BE chosen out of the many who have applied. Then, he just throws it all away because he doesn't like being told what to do? Ridiculous! (See how affected I am? hehehe)

Of note, the way this Joseph guy was going about in the "confessional pantry", one could easily see that he was NOT in it for the chance of a "chef's lifetime" from the very start. He was in it for the chance to "get" Chef Ramsay. Why else would he keep saying over and over in the "confessional" that he and Chef Ramsay are "going to go head-to-head. No doubt."? I can tell from the very beginning that he was a loose canon ready to explode. Can you imagine if he had won the head chef post in Araxi at the Whistler Village in Canada? What's he going to do if a customer complains about his cooking? Engage that person to a fist fight? I believe, what he is REALLY after is a crack at showbusiness...perhaps he wants his own show. Forget the prestiguous prize. Forget the chance to work under one of the best and most renowned chefs in the world. He wants to be famous, yes. Famous indeed for being ridiculous and a complete and utter embarassment to the US Marines and moreso his family, is more like it!

Whew!...I suddenly feel so drained from all that. Oh well, that's why I call this webpage "Online Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom"...

I need to get a life! Hehehe :)

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