Sunday, August 30, 2009

Movie Review: Up (Disney Pixar, 2009)

After a month or so after our last date, my husband finally took me out on one last night. Although I'm very happy to be wined (not really, since I don't drink) and dined by my significant other, I know it was more of an excuse on his part (sorry honey!) to watch the latest offering by Disney - Pixar...the movie, "Up". He has been dying to see it ever since seeing the movie trailer and after hearing a lot of very good feedback about it. I must admit, I was curious as well. So, off to the cinema we went.

I tell you, it is hands down, thumbs-up GOOD! Everything that has been said about Up is right-smack on the money...and even more! I don't want to give anything away for there may still be some who have yet to watch the film (WHAT?!), but it IS really worth watching. After having watched Wall-E last year, I thought, then, that Disney and Pixar will never be able to come up with a better movie, ever. Boy, was I mistaken! Remember how it was watching Wall-E...getting carried away by the scenes even when there was not a single dialogue heard for about halfway through the film? It was the same with Up! There was silence, yet there was a smooth blending of comedy, drama, adventure, action & suspense. You'll find yourself getting amused, starting to laugh, feeling a little "tug" at your heart, getting teary-eyed, maybe you start crying a little (I know I did!), then you begin laughing again, getting amazed, thinking, holding your breath, getting a little worried...that's how it was for me.

But this time, instead of robots, we're watching human drama. The relationship between friends...husbands and wives...adults and and beast...The value of keeping promises...The importance of letting go...The chance to live life the way it should be lived...Treating each day as a new adventure...Sharing your joys with another.

I wish I could view the world and everything in it as black and white, or as uncomplicated as Russel (the cute little Asian boy in the film) sees them. Or as loyal and dedicated as Doug (the trained and talking...yes, talking! is to his master. Or as sweet and as thoughtful as Carl Fredrickson (the film's main character and my main man!) is to those who need him, yet as hip and adventurous as he even in his old years.

Up is definitely one very good, "feel-good" movie...that sure made ME feel good!

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