Sunday, August 16, 2009

My baby's new tricks

Maia, my one-year old wonder, continues to light up my everyday life with her new tricks. She is starting to get real quick and copies or picks up words she hears on television or from the books we read out loud to her. As a result, I'm now starting to be really careful with my expressions and everyday language.

Whenever she hears counting, she blurts out "Two!" again and again. Sometimes, she utters a "Twee!" Last night, I sniffed her hair and found it smelling of sweat and so I said, "Ang asim!" (Smells sour!)...she said "Asim!" I tried to make her say it again but she wouldn't oblige. But then she said it again tonight...not just once but so many times! I was sooo happy!

She copies my actions, my hand gestures. Waves one hand up and down when we say, "Ba-Bye!"...then waves both hands sideways when I say, "No more."

My favorite thing in the world is this new thing she does...where she plants a kiss on me (be it on my shoulder, thigh, arm, cheek, tummy...wherever!) everytime she passes my way. As if she couldn't get enough of me!

Oh, there's just soooo many things I want to share. So many things which only validate my decision to leave the rat-race-pace of the corporate world, and just concentrate on caring for my family and making sure my baby grows up to be the responsible and mature person her father & I hope she would eventually become. Seeing how happy a child Maia is...her father and I can't help but feel proud!

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