Monday, September 14, 2009

Twitter: A boon to my blogging existence!

I used to update my weblog on a weekly basis. When I'm really inspired, sometimes I post 2 or 3 articles on a single week (okay, just 2...hehehe!). However, I found myself not writing anything at all since I discovered Twitter.

I wasn't into it at first. I just simply signed up for it after being sent an invitation by my sister-in-law. My Twitter account was just there. Yet, I made no updates to it, whatsoever, for about 3-4 months. I didn't tweet. I even remember asking my husband, over and over again, to explain to me what is so special about Twitter...why he seems to be so hooked on it?...why does everyone seem so into Twitter?

So, I logged-in to my account this month. I saw that I could change not just my avatar but also my profile's background. Then I surfed the internet for websites that offer free twitter backgrounds. I needed something fun, with simple colors, not so much clutter. It took me about 2 days before I decided on what background to use. Once it was set-up, my husband further polished my profile by providing an area for our photo and other basic information such as a short bio and my webpage.

Once my profile was okay, he downloaded TweetDeck (just one of the many twitter applications available on the web), which he said, would make my twitter experience even easier. With TweetDeck, I was able to categorize all my tweets into 3 basic columns -- All Friends, Mentions, Direct Messages.

Just a bit of of the creators of Twitter (CEO Evan Williams) is the same fellow who created Blogspot. And so Twitter, as it turns out, is a form of micro-blogging. You update your followers on what you are up to...only, make sure you do so in just 140 characters. You may ask, is that even possible? Why, yes! I wasn't so sure either but...yes, it can be done.

But the fun part arrived when I discovered how to search for other interesting "tweeters"! Now, I am following the likes of US Pres. Obama, Gov. Schwarzenegger, his wife Maria Shriver (note: she follows me too), inspiration speaker Tony Robbins, author Paulo Coelho, parenting guru Michele Borba, host Ryan Seacrest, actors Denzel Washington, Demi Moore, and Kirstie Alley to name a few.

I also follow celebrity shows like TMZ, E!Online and the Daily 10. As well as those that fall under the current events category: CNN, Reuters, plus others from the local news.

It's fun because I get updated about the goings-on in the world around me...even without my having to turn on the TV or radio, or even check the local newspaper. I can stay right here on my desk and "watch" as my TweetDeck updates. Everything is right there for me to read. I get the inside scoop on what some politicians and celebrities REALLY think about certain issues. Sometimes, I reply/ comment on their tweets. Some reply. Some don't. You can see that some have a certain depth to them. While some may be a little simple-minded. Overall, it's just cool to find out that these people are as ordinary as some of us "laymen".

It is for these reasons that I consider Twitter to be detrimental to my task of blogging...and to everything else in my daily life (smile!). I end up "tweeting" the whole day without my knowing it -- which, I will admit, is counterproductive. Other than blogging, tending to my duties here in the house, spending quality time with my baby girl, attending to her needs as well as that of my hubby's, supervising the tasks I gave our yaya, etc. are important to me.

This is not to say, however, that I am abandoning Twitter forever. Nope. I shall simply decide to contain my "tweeting" to a full 3 hours each day...spread-out evenly to a full 1 hour after meals...hehehe :)

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