Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Blog About Nothing (I'm back!)

Yes, I'm back!

Yes, I have not written a thing for over two (2) months.

And yes, I M-I-S-S blogging! Typhoon Ketsana may have played a part in my inability to write anything...but other than my house getting flooded, I also had to deal with a lot of other things, such as:

  • living with my parents again
  • borrowing my parents' car to facilitate getting the house back in order
  • coordinating with service centers (with much stress, mind you!) to fix some electrical appliances we managed to salvage
  • letting go of our maid (because she was so traumatized by the floods, she opted to return to her province)
  • hiring another maid; training her, only to let go of her again after only a month
  • searching for new maid-applicants
  • interviewing a couple of prospective maids and, eventually, finding the right one (I hope!)
  • and, more importantly, seeing to it that both my husband and baby girl are alright

But all that is now in the past. We are now back at the house. Our DSL/ internet connection is finally fixed. I still did not return to blogging. Rather, I focused on micro-blogging via Twitter.com. But, what was surprising about getting addicted to tweeting was that, somehow, it took my mind away from all the chaos in my life. In fact, because I was tweeting so much, I got to form social networks which were close enough to serve as my source of support during moments when I was really down (especially whenever I am reminded of my ordeal).

But even through all that...the practice that is blogging, and my blogsite, per se, were always at the back of my mind. I was always thinking about how long it has been since I last posted anything...about how my last post was about my typhoon ordeal...about how my mind was so "empty" and couldn't think of any new thing to write about...yet, I always find myself saying, "I will blog about this." whenever something exciting or out-of-the-ordinary happened in my life.

At one point, I even thought about NOT coming back to blogging...about eventually taking down this site. I thought then that it was too embarassing to go back after such a long absence.

But now that I'm back...all I could say is, "Wow! I really M-I-S-S-E-D doing this!"

You do not know the thrill I am now having by simply seeing the orange Blogger.com logo; having to write in the box provided for composing a new post or blog; seeing the blue "SAVE NOW" button turning gray and autosaving my work every minute...IT IS JUST SO EXCITING! It means so much to a fulltime mom like me to be able to do this in my spare time; and hone any writing skills I may (or may not!) have...ho! ho! ho!

This post may be less enticing as my earlier pieces. For one, it does not contain any photos. And secondly, it really is simply about my return to blogging. I just really wanted to announce that I am back and that you should be expecting more posts from me in the coming weeks. Got lots of articles in store. And I hope you will like them.

I just pray that baby Maia will indeed allow me that spare time to blog! :-)

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