Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Terrible and Wonderful 2s

Good morning!  Are you ready for me?! :D

Just a month and a week shy of her 2nd birthday and, already, Maia is manifesting what moms dread most, the "terrible 2s syndrome".

When before she took her vitamins without any qualms, now she spits them out and cries. We have since resorted to just mixing the supplements to her milk formula.

All of a sudden, she dislikes going to the bathroom to shower or potty. She cries so loudly and presses herself to her nanny (or "yaya" as we refer to them here in Manila). In effect, the yaya also takes an unexpected shower.

She is now more aware whenever her father and I are not with her in the room. And no matter what time we prepare for bed at night, she makes it known to me that she prefers to wait for her father to come home from his afternoon-to-night shift (around 11pm). Good thing she sleeps through the night and wakes up late.

Maia is also being inconsistent with her appetite. More like, 50-50. But this doesn't seem to affect her energy. She has unlimited supply of it, apparently! Thanks to Enfagrow A+, her formula milk, which she loves, she isn't malnourished in any way. She may be skinnier than before, but Maia is tall for her age. Her pediatrician even informed us she has the height of a 2-year-and-3-month old toddler.

I'm not complaining, mind you. I'm just a lot more busy and tired these days (smile!). Especially so, since she prefers to be with me almost all the time! I can't even pee without her tagging along.

What's fun to observe is that Maia knows more words now and blurts them out more. Though she still can't tell us directly what she wants, she makes up for it by gesturing it to us. Like, if she wants milk, she carries the container with all her bottles to us (she only says "milk" right before the nipple touches her lips). If she wants me to open her toy cube with all the blocks inside, she hands me the cube itself. If she wants me to sing-along to a song in one of her videos, she comes over to me, aligns my face in the direction of the video and smiles. Sometimes, she even utters the words to the song! She labels items now. More than she used to just a month ago. I secretly wish she would start to actually talk soon. But I don't want to force her. In the meantime, I shall just pray and resolve to be more involved than I already am.

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