Friday, July 30, 2010

Maia's First Birthday Gifts (an extremely late post)

I was just browsing through my Windows Explorer and saw that I see still had a few pictures there which were originally meant for posting in this blog.

One such set of pictures is the one taken the day AFTER her 1st birthday party.  The day when my one and only child opened her gifts.  I've decided to not include all photos from that day since they are just TOO many!  And if I remember correctly, Maia was really all over the place that day.  She couldn't sit still.  Perhaps she got a little excited seeing all the boxes on the bedroom floor...and in different shapes and sizes!  I even thought, then, that in the beginning, she liked the gifts in their "un-opened" state...for she went a little irate when we started to tear the wrappings and open the boxes.  But she did ease up once she saw what we were pulling out from them.

So, for this post, I got rid of the blurry ones and retained those that, at least, showed Maia's face.  I even wrote a little something on each photo to describe what was happening at the time.  Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I had fun posting them. :)

Mom, do we really have to open gifts now?
Wow!  Really cool Leap Frog toy from Ninong Retchie!
Mommy, let go of my Barney Pillow! (from Lolo Chito)
Set of Karen Katz books from Ninong Nyek.  A colorful "thingamajig" from Ninang Chinggay :)
I LOVE that blue-striped dress at the background. And look! More books from the Limchocs & Ate-Ninang Zoe!
'Twas Mom who was happiest about this Purple Card from Tita Lily, Tita Belle & Tito Ken :)
Lola Lily & I were busy discovering my new activity toy from Ninang Klaire
More clothes from Ninong Dennis, Ninong Mark & Ninang Jaja, Ninang Heidi, etc.! (hmm..let me tinker with Ninang Klaire's gift some more..)
Such a cute toy tugboat.  (but what's with the face, mom?)
What a cute gift tag of the Bondoc family!  (tag pa lang, gift na!) :)
Cool! A talking butterfly! Thanks Ninong Johnny, Tita Cathy, Ate Trixie & Haley. Love it!
Neat Disney Princess toy chest from Ninang Gay & Ninang Badot.  I now refer to it as "My Hiding Box."
Educational DVDs from my Orpilla family.  Plus this cool laptop from my Tobias family :)

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