Monday, July 26, 2010

Testing Zemanta

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After checking my gmail account, I learned about this feature being offered by called Zemanta.  It seemed very interesting to me and so I checked it out.  Their website was easy enough to understand.  I found their tutorial video very engaging.  So, I thought to myself, "Why not?"

So I downloaded Zemanta's browser extension for Firefox and then voila!  Now, I am writing to you from my blogspot writing dashboard.  It's so cool to see to the left of my screen the many relevant photos from their media gallery, as well as be provided with related articles.  Hmm...this article seems interesting...poof!  It's now right there at the bottom of my post.  This is fun!  Now, I think I would like to add a photo about blogging using, let me see here.  Cool!  That's exactly how it looks when you write a new post using Zemanta.

As I write, Zemanta also provides in-text links and appropriate labels.  I can opt to apply them one by one or apply them all automatically.  That's it!  I'm spoiled.  I can't imagine how I survived blogging without Zemanta.

I think I should stop right now before I get FURTHER carried away. Besides, I think I have much to discover and experiment about Zemanta.  For now, I wish you all "Happy Blogging!"

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