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Bayot Christmas Reunion 2009 (another late post)

The Bayots of Anahaw Street in Quezon City have gathered once more for Christmas Day.  For three (3) years now, we have been holding our celebration over at cousin's house in Fairview.  Their house has been the venue of choice these past couple or so years for it is big enough to hold thirty (30) or so people.

You read it right...30+ people!  I cannot believe it either.  There used to be only 15 (I know...only 15 huh?!) people lived in that small, 200-square meter Duplex-compound...6 from the Bayot-Dela Cruzes and 9 from the Bayot-Bustamantes.  Our Christmases used to be really exclusive.  Nowadays, there are sons- and daughters-in-law, partners, grandchildren, yayas and drivers!  But, as they say, "The more, the merrier!"

And though we have now all scattered and live in different parts of Metro Manila (QC, Pasig, Fairview, Paranaque), the country (Baler in Aurora province), and the globe (US and Canada), we always make it a point to be together on this most important time of the year...if not make an overseas call.

Following are the photos of that fun-filled event.  Enjoy!

An almost-empty bowl of molo soup (c/o the Orpilla family) and really delicious spinach lasagna (c/o the Tobias family)  
Clockwise from the top:  Grilled Cheese Hotdogs for the kids (yeah right!), Chinese Fried Rice (both c/o the Orpilla family), secret dish (hmm..?) and Morcon (c/o the Bustamantes in Anahaw)
Aahh...Grilled Cheese Hotdogs!  Traditionally served for the kids.  But it seems that we never really did outgrow our fondness for this simple meal.  (Hey!  the burnt ones are mine, okay?!)
Classic Pork Adobo (c/o the Soriano family)
Close-up shot of the Morcon by the Bustamantes of Anahaw
So this was what was under the foil wrap!  Roasted chicken stuffed with Potatoes and Tomatoes (c/o the Dela Cruz family)
Deliciously rich Callos (c/o the Bustamante family of Baler)
Notto forget...sweeet and yummy desserts!  Tarts and 2 different kinds of ensaimada!
Steamed Cream Dory with herbs and sesame oil dressing...yum!  Don't know if this was prepared by the Bustamantes of Anahaw or Baler, or by the Orpillas.
Ivy Orpilla's Macaroni salad with ham, carrots, pineapple, and pickle in mayo dressing...sarap! :)
Again, from the Orpilla family...potato and apple salad.  It was really good!
Hmmm...Christmas Ham! having grandkids!  Lolo Ver (my Dad) and La Mimi (my Mom) here with their 2 lovely granddaughters:  Andie Tobias and Maia Soriano
Gifts galore!  What more if the Ranjo, Javillonar, Mabutas and Pacis families were all here that time??
Only Mama Mia Soriano can turn Andie from being an "I don't like" kid into a total child performer.  Yay Andie!!!
Ninong Dennis Dela Cruz bonding with shy Maia.  You're so matiyaga, ninong!  Love you!
What's the matter, baby Andie?  Please put that drill down?  Oh!  Thank goodness, it was just a toy! (Smile!) :)
May I play with you, Ate Andie? -- Baby Maia
Ate Andie left :(  Good thing Maia still had Ninong Dennis there :)
Tor Or-pilyo...Oops! I meant, Orpilla.  Muy guwapo!
Ram Bustamante with Andie and Maia, playing on the mini see-saw :)
Ikee Bustamante, Tor, and Dax Bustamante...just 3 out of Lola Arlyn's 14 "model-looking" grandchildren!
Aren't you just a little too big for that bicycle, Jet Bustamante?
Hello, Mr. Sonny "shy teddy bear" Bustamante!
Because my cousin, Gay Bustamante, was late, I was tasked to be "Santa" -- the one who shouts the names written on all those gifts!  Cousin John Dee Bustamante (partly shown behind me) was my "elf" or helper -- the one who hands the gifts to "Santa."
Left to right:  the Orpilla's Yaya Cherry Pie, Ilka Orpilla, and the Bustamante's Yaya Anna.
Daddy, super excited about receiving a gift.  Mommy, on full support and cheering! :)
The good-looking Tobias family:  my brother-in-law Mark, my beautiful sister Jaja, and my pretty and precocious little niece Andie :)
Gift from the Bustamantes of Baler to the Tobiases...fruit stand negosyo showcase :)  Actually, John Dee and Pia gave each family a basket.  Love you guys!
My cousin and our gracious hostess, Ivy Orpilla!
My little sleeping beauty...Maia still got gifts as she was napping.  Oblivious to all the noise and fun-filled laughter around her!
Finally!  My cousin, Gay, arrived and assumed her "santa" duties.
"Hahahahaha...!"  Only Santa Gay can elicit such happiness.  'Twas a joyful day, indeed :)
The oldies but goodies!  My Tita Arlyn, Dad and Mom
The Bustamante family from L-R:  (Back) Van Orpilla, Badot Belmonte, Ikee S. Bustamante, Don Bustamante, Ilka B. Orpilla, Pia S. Bustamante, and John Dee Bustamante.  (Middle) Gay Bustamante, Tor B. Orpilla, Arlyn Bustamante, Ram S. Bustamante, Sonny S. Bustamante, and Ivy B. Orpilla.  (Front) Dax S. Bustamante and Jet S. Bustamante.
The Dela Cruz family from L-R:  (Back) Dennis Dela Cruz, Cupid Soriano, Ver Dela Cruz, and Mark Tobias.  (Middle) Mia D. Soriano, Maia D. Soriano, Andie D. Tobias, Jaja D. Tobias, and Mikko Dela Cruz.  (Front) May Dela Cruz
John Dee and Pia, pretending that they're on their first date..hahaha!
The "Tomadors"... Dennis, Gay, Badot and Van...wait a sec, where's John Dee? :)

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