Monday, August 16, 2010

March 14, 2010 - Pacquiao vs. Clottey match PLUS family bonding

Manny PacquiaoImage by bammm2008 via FlickrI'm not really a boxing fan.  I only watch it when Pacquiao is on.  Like all filipinos, I cannot help but be proud of my kababayan.  My hubby and I originally planned to just watch from the comforts of our home.  In fact, we already turned down the invitation from my brother, Marc, to watch the fight live at the Discovery Suites.  But then our Tita Belle Bondoc called us up from our Tita Kay's house and insisted that we carry our big buttocks over there for lunch and to watch the fight there.  So off we went.  What could we do, really?  We had to obey!  And, I'm glad we did.  Not only were the whole Yapyuco family present...but also the Bondocs (Tita Belle, John, his wife Cathy and daughters Trixie & Haley) and the Reyeses (Klaire's in-laws).   There was so much food!  So much so that I completely forgot to take a picture of the buffet spread, which consisted of Cathy's Five-Spice Chicken recipe and Chorizo and Sausage Fried Rice (super yum!), Tita Belle's famous lengua dish (super delicious!) and so much more.  It was noisy, as it was fun!

Here are just a few photos from that day.
The view from where I was seated
Here's everybody.  The silly one with her arms up is yours truly :)
Even the maids and yayas are watching
Mixed reactions here.  Tita Kay, Tito Rolly & Tita Belle looked worried.  Jai looked bored.  John's hands are up in the air.  The kids don't care.  And Maia (far right, with me) was sleeping. :)
From left to right:  Klau, Kristine, members of the Reyes family, and Johnny Bondoc.  I was told that John always wears this boxing mask of his when watching Pacquiao's fights hehehe.
Mama Mia and her Maia.  Unlike the grown-ups, the little one was bored throughout the fight.
But then playtime happened and so Maia became alive again :D (here with Ate Kara. Tita Aisha Reyes, and Ate Trixie - playing in the jacuzzi)
Wacky shot.  This time with beautiful Ninang Klaire :)

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