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May 14, 2010 - Maia at her Tumble Tots Graduation

Tumble Tots Preschool in Libis, Quezon City was where Maia attended eight sessions of summer playschool from April to May of this year.  They were a lot of different classes to choose from.  But since Maia was only 22 months at the time, we figured that exposing her to an everyday summer class right away was just too much.  What we wanted was for her to "play and learn" at the same time, but alongside other kids.  So we enrolled Maia in the Play Phonics class under the Smart Play Program, which according to the school's pamphlet, is for kids belonging in the "walking to 2's" stage, and is a:
"Bi-weekly structured classes that come alive with activities that foster skills for early literacy and numeracy through stories, songs, rhymes and even arts and crafts."

What's nice was that the class allows and even encourages parents (or yayas) to join in with the kids.  This way, they can supervise their little ones during regular activities and relay games.  I got my much-needed exercise just following Maia around, carrying her, jumping alongside her, singing and dancing.  I will admit that I felt just a tinge of "performance anxiety"...but moreso, my husband!  I mean, we do these things with her in the comfort and secrecy of our own home, but not when there are strangers (other parents and teachers) around.  But we eventually gave in to everything for it was making our daughter extremely happy.

What's even cooler was that the Play Phonics class had the biggest classroom in school!  It's like a playground with slides, mazes, tubes, ladders, etc. but in an airconditioned set-up.  Everything is padded to ensure your kid's safety.  Maia's favorite "hang-out" in that room was either in front of the big mirror, or just outside the door of the stock room (which she knows is where her Teacher Cindy and Teacher Ria keep all the really cool stuff like balls, giant story books, wooden sticks, colored paper, bottles with paint and bubble mixture, etc.).

So, Cupid and I were there for our daughter from beginning till the end!  And I tell you, I felt like a school-age girl all over again, waking up early, rushing to dress up and beating the traffic en route to school .  But this time around, it wasn't my things, but Maia herself, her things and her snacks that I needed to prepare.  Thank God for Maia's trusty Yaya Ann because she was able to keep up with the frantic pace!

Once in school premises, we were always greeted with warm smiles by all the Tumble Tots teachers.  They always call Maia and the other students by name, while simply calling us parents as "Mommy" and "Daddy."   Cupid and I didn't take offense to this.  Personally, it gave me that sense of respect and "family" regard by the school.  And to tell you the truth, I like the idea of being called "Mommy" in my child's school because I am really thrilled to be a parent and I was excited to be taking Maia to class.

Graduation Day arrived and I was really thankful that Maia and the other summer enrollees were in really good (and relaxed) spirits.  Though, some of Maia's classmates weren't able to attend.  Nonetheless, the ceremonies that morning went on smoothly.

I realized that I really enjoy and already miss taking Maia to school.  But since I don't want to rush her and I want to relish the moments I spend with her, and because I believe that babies should enjoy their "baby-hood," we shall just have to put-off regular school for a little while and then perhaps just enroll Maia for next summer.  For now, she will just have to be content with accompanying her father and I in doing our weekly groceries; or taking a stroll in the mall, at the park or zoo; or spending a carefree hour or two in indoor playgrounds.

Besides, Maia (at 2 years and 2.5 months old as of this writing) already knows a lot of things.  The whole alphabet and the sound of each letter.  Matching these letters with the corresponding word, or animal, or any other object/item.  Counting from 1 to 20.  Correctly identifying colors and shapes (even crescents, diamonds and hearts).  Starting to sing songs with hand actions like "Twinkle, twinkle little star," "The itsy, bitsy Spider," and "Tomorrow" from the movie/play, Annie.  Even read words (via Dr. Robert Titzer's Your Baby Can Read series).
    I know and believe that school can and will only further reinforce these learnings.  I also accept Maia will eventually attend school when she's already old enough to go.  For now, we can just all relax.  We still have two more years to prepare for all that (since we plan to enter her to big school by age 4).
    Below is a video and some photos from the graduation ceremony.  I couldn't post pictures from the regular sessions because cameras and photo-taking were not allowed during class.  Anway, I hope you enjoy looking at the ones we have here.  Godspeed!

    This video shows that part in the program where Maia and her classmates
    were singing and dancing to a song from the show Barney and Friends called, "Mister Sun."
    At first, she was trying to see if she can get some random person's camera lens cover.
    So I had to get her before the number started.
    Once she heard the song play, she proceeded to do the actions to it.
    You can see her loving it when the audience started clapping along.
    I guess she thought they were clapping just for her (hahaha!)!
    You will also see that, as the song was about to end,
    Maia made a bee-line for the person in-charge of the slide shows.  Oh goodness! 

    A shot of the stage
    While waiting for the program to start, Daddy decided to take pictures of Maia...Here, Maia purposely closed her eyes and waited for her Dad to stop shooting her :)
    Mommy, I'm bored!
    Maia receiving (or grabbing) her certificate :)
    It says:     Tumble Tots International Preschool (Britain's Leading Preschool).  Certificate of Completion is given to Maia Rose Soriano for having completed the Play Phonics Class of the Smart Play Program with full confidence and enthusiasm.  Given this 14th day of May 2010 at the Tumble Tots Preschool, Libis, Quezon City, Philippines.  Signed, Rianna Louise Chavez (Smart Play Program Teacher, Play Phonics) and Cindy Mercado (Center Director).
    Maia's second cousin, Cara Reyes, also graduated that day!  Yipee!  Go Ate Cara!
    Ate Cara (3rd from left) having a bit of stage-fright (Just like her Mom, Klaire, I hear? aaww!)

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