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May 27, 1010 - Maia's 2nd Birthday Celebrated at Fonda St.

Our dearest Maia celebrated her 2nd birthday by spending time with my family at my parents' house in Filinvest 2.  Hubby Cupid took time off from work and so we made it a point to drive out very early in the morning to avoid the rush hour traffic from Pasig to Quezon City.  We arrived at the house and saw my dad, my sister Janet and Maia's cousin Andie.  But what pleasantly surprised us was seeing my mom there in her house clothes and then knowing that she also decided to stay home and spend it with us and Maia.  It would have been complete had my brothers Mikko and Marc, and brother-in-law Mark were also there but they all needed to be at work early.  But it was okay since they were all there, anyway, for the celebration that night.

As expected, breakfasts at Filinvest were always a BIG deal!  The standard 3 or 4 different viands (not counting the fried eggs) were there, fried rice, pan de sal, coffee, and juice.  We were so stuffed, so early in the morning!  After resting a bit from that monstrosity of a meal, my mom took us all to The LandMark inside the Trinoma Mall so she could shop for Maia's presents.  After, buying a set of Edmark's Smart Cube blocks, couple of sun dresses and a pair of shoes, we all went back home to Filinvest to eat lunch and then take our siesta.  After which, the kids played, had a light snack, then watched some DVDs.

Everyone was present by dinnertime.  The birthday dinner consisted of home-made Spaghetti, KFC chicken, Mango Cake from Red Ribbon, and some ice cream.  The celebration, though simple, was intimate and definitely a memorable one for us and for Maia, most especially.  We wish there would be more gatherings like this for my family.

Happy Birthday, my darling Maia!  Continue to be a very sweet and loving girl!  I wish you good health and may all your dreams come true!  Daddy and Mommy loves you!
Family picture :)
That's Maia playing with her cousin, Ate Andie.  With them is Maia's Yaya Ann.  Where are your slippers, my little dears?? :)
Ate Andie and Maia watching a video.
Maia and Andie singing and acting out, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" :)
Maia and Andie playing with blocks at the toys section of The Landmark in Trinoma Mall.  La Mimi ended up buying a set for each of them :)
They saw a display of an inflatable pool filled with colorful balls and decided to go for a swim in it.  The store guard had to inform the yayas that this was not allowed.  Good thing Cupid was able to take a photo of them before we whisked them away to the kids' apparel section.
Maia, here with her Ninang Jaja and her Ate Andie -- fitting for shoes and eating PikNik shoestring potatoes.
"Mommy, Daddy!  I really don't like burning candles!" :(
Now back, safe and sound (and sleeping!), at our room in Riverside Village.  It was, indeed, one very tiring but fun-filled 2nd birthday! :)

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