Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Soriano Christmas Lunch (late post)

December 26, 2009...was the day we celebrated Christmas with family from my husband's side.  Cupid and I would've wanted to be with his nieces and only brother on Christmas Eve but weren't able to because of their other commitments.  Time was also limited and so instead of going out, a simple lunch was set up in our house.  And as to be expected, when loved ones get together, the simplest of gatherings can be the most meaningful thing to happen!  And it didn't really matter that it was December 26.  It did not matter that there weren't that many gifts exchanged.  We were all together.  That's all that really matters.

That's our beautiful niece, Zoe Gomez...who couldn't wait to get started with lunch :)
Lunch consisted of Ham, Pasta Salsicce Italiana (homemade), and Pork Adobo.
That's our other niece, Sky Soriano.  Cute!
Here she is again, trying out Maia's "whistling" Pooh chair :)
That's their father, Wings Soriano, sleeping and "hogging" Maia's Pooh bolsters and Curious Mogu doll.  Earlier on, he told us his observation that whenever he is at our house, he gets really sleepy.  Oh well, obviously!
Maia wanted me to open Sky's gift for her right away!  It's a pink pig photo frame and mirror :)
That's my husband Cupid Soriano's foot!  And that wooden reflexology slipper from China was a gift from his Tita Karel Yapyuco ...I have since "sequestered" that slipper :) 
A gift for Cupid from Joel and Kat Gomez-Limchoc -- Kola colored lens filters
This toy fishing set for Maia was, again, from the Limchocs
Here's Daddy Cupid experimenting with his new "toy", i mean, colored lens filters :)
Blue, blue...my world is blue... not! :)
now this is just weird...
This reminds me of the time when people used instamatic cameras to shoot photos; had the roll of film inside it "developed" for printing; and then finding out later on that the roll of film was badly exposed to light prior to developing.  For the digital camera generation, if everything I just said sounded so foreign to you, try looking up the terms I used using Google.com :)
The End! :)

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