Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Barney Afternoon

It was some 5 or 6 months ago when Maia started her "I love Barney" phase.  I remember the first time she watched her Barney and Friends home videos and we immediately saw how interested she was seeing all those kids...singing and dancing...and of course, getting all wide-eyed upon the sight of Barney, Baby Bop, B.J., and Riff.  Her pediatrician always used to tell us how ALL kids go through the "Barney Phase."  I never doubted her.  But what I didn't expect is how Maia's fascination over Barney is so pleasing to me!  I get a high seeing how happy and stimulated my daughter is by this big, purple dinosaur!  Then her cousin, Pixie Iwata, surprised her by sending over her old, stuffed Barney doll that sings "I Love You" when you press his tummy.  Maia just loves this doll and makes sure to hold it out in front of the TV whenever the show is on or when her video is playing.  Her Barney doll was the first thing she looked for upon waking up in the morning, and it was also the last thing she held before going to bed.

Cover of                                 Cover of UnlovableThen, about a month or two after, Pixie sent her another stuffed animal...a pug.  We named it "Alfred" after the main pug character in the book, "Unlovable" by Dan Yaccarino (yes, another one of Pixie's many gifts for Maia).  And soon enough, poor Barney was "replaced".  But no matter, because Maia's collection of Barney & Friends home videos are still her favorite thing to watch and sing-along to, alongside her Sesame Street home videos.  Ah, to be young and problem-free!

It's Ring-Around-A-Rosie time!  (watch how Maia is slowly getting dizzy!)
Here, Maia is trying to act-out the song, "Where is Thumbkin?"
After all the singing and dancing, Maia was slowly getting sleepy...
It was now time for her afternoon bottle or dede... (with Barney still beside her) :))
Afternoon nap with Barney...

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