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Haley Bondoc's 2nd Birthday at Strikes, Palms Country Club (June 6, 2010)

Haley Bondoc, Maia's cousin, celebrated her 2nd birthday at Strikes in the very posh Palms Country Club in Alabang on June 6, 2010.  Haley's mom, Cathy, did a REALLY good job decorating the place with pretty stuffed toys (Haley's and sister Trixie's), which were used as cake toppers, as well as table centerpieces.  I will admit that, at first, I thought that I can take home one or some of those toy-table-centerpieces...until I realized they were the actual toys of the Bondoc girls!  Good thing I realized it soon enough.  I do not and never ever want to be accused of stealing from a child.  Hahaha!  The thought of it just makes me laugh...or even hide from shame...yikes!!

It was a fun-filled occasion with activities for both young and old.  While the kids played games such as "Limbo Rock", "Hula-hoop" and many more...the tweens, teens, and some adults preferred to hit some pins by the 8-lane bowling alley, shoot some pool, and throw darts.  While some, like me, helped themselves to the "merienda cena" buffet spread.  It is just so typical of Johnny and Cathy Bondoc to always have the guests' enjoyment in mind.  Really great job, guys!

But what made the day even more fun and memorable was the fact that a lot of friends and family from both sides arrived to celebrate Haley's very special day (i.e., Amorsolos, Bondocs, Chengs, Mercados, Sorianos, and Yapyucos).  Thank you, Lord, for the time and opportunity to be with loved ones!

Happy Birthday, Haley!  Tita Mia apologizes for the 3-month delay in posting this.  Stay sweet and lovable.  We love you!

Below are just pictures from that day.  Enjoy viewing them and Godspeed!

Maia and her Tita Klau Yapyuco
Yana Mercado, Tita Klaire and Cara Reyes
Haley's Lolo Doy Bondoc over by the buffet.  He was first in line! "Age before beauty", as he would always say! :)
Haley's Barney birthday cake
Daddy Johnny Bondoc and birthday girl Haley!
Maia having her first tatoo :) (this tatoo booth was c/o Tita Lindie Mercado)
Tita Rachel Mercado, Cara and Tita Klaire Reyes
Tito Wings Soriano's bowling na pro!
Haley's young guests
The Bondoc family:  Johnny, Cathy, Ate Trixie and Haley
The famous Mercado boys...famous daw o! Hehehe...
Ate Trixie doing the limbo rock.. Go Trixie!
Ate Trixie doing the hula-hoop...woohoo!  I'm telling you, this girl is soooo multi-talented!
Charming ladies...Minette Bondoc and Zoe Gomez
The Sorianos.  Left to right:  Wings, Sky, yours truly, Maia and Cupid.  Zoe, was off somewhere with Minette, so she's not in this photo.

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