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Johnson's Baby Bedtime Discovery 1: What is Good Sleep? (May 15, 2010)

Around April of this year, I received a text and an email from Nuffnang Philippines, inviting me to a series of Mommy Meet-ups, in line with its partnership with Johnson & Johnson's and it's Baby Bedtime campaign.  The invitation was especially exciting for me because I had just signed up with Nuffnang Philippines for about a week!  And there they were, inviting me already to a sponsored event.  I was thrilled!  And even though I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach, I went ahead and confirmed my attendance.

Baby Bedtime Discovery 1 - What is Good Sleep?
May 15, 2010 (Saturday), Cafe Via Mare, Power Plant Mall.

In this 1st mommy meet-up, I saw and met other mommies and female bloggers, who were not only eager to share their experiences and techniques in putting little ones to bed; but are also open to new principles and other accepted practices.  It also helped that our host and moderator was Caren Yrastoza, former TV host and news anchor, who saw to it that the participants were engaged in the discussions and are relaxed.  I learned about the different levels of sleep; how to ensure that my baby gets quality sleep; the benefits of sleep, etc.  It was also helpful hearing the sleeping practices and rituals that other mommies do for their kids.  I really learned a lot!  You can find more valuable insights from this website:  Johnson's Baby Bedtime

If you wish to read more about what transpired that day, visit the link by Nuffnang Philippines here.  (You will see me there -- 3rd photo from the top, the girl at the center with the mic and funny face with pouting lips...aarrrgh! Why did Anne Franco have to use this?  It's so unappealing!  Anne, you owe me big time, ok?  Hahaha!)

Let me end this post by giving you a list of blogs or websites from some of the mommy bloggers I met there.  More power to mommies and blogging!
I apologize if I was unable to include the sites/ blogs of other moms and ladies that were there that day.  I'll just make it up to you next time around.  Godspeed!

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