Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tagaytay Trip (Day 1: August 7, 2010)

Have you ever noticed how unplanned trips are usually the ones that push through?  I only asked because that was exactly what happened to me that first weekend of August.  What started out as a simple invitation from my cousin to "get me out of the house" turned into an all-expense-paid, overnight trip to Tagaytay City!  Yes...Cupid, Maia and I were treated by Maia's very generous Ninang Badot and Ninang Gay!

The trip was memorable for a number of reasons.  Because,
  • as I stated earlier, it was unplanned.  We did not have to follow any fixed schedule, and we made decisions on-the-fly.
  • we got to spend the weekend with 2 of our most favorite people in the world -- Badot and Gay!
  • it was the weekend before Badot's birthday, and we were one of those she chose to spend it with.  (I just hope that our company made her happy!)
  • Maia was especially happy the whole time!  She didn't mind and seemed to REALLY enjoy Tagaytay's breezy and chilly climate.  I guess the climate, fresh air, and all the new surroundings provided much exposure and stimulation for her.
  • I learned a lot from this trip.  Gay and Badot showed me how to change my perspective about things that happen and are happening in my life...blessings, problems, etc.  I will always be grateful for the opportunity to learn from them, everytime and anytime!
  • And last but not least...although it was Badot's "birthday (slash) weekend (slash) vacation leave" that time, I believe that Gay and Badot really just did it for love of Maia.  I can honestly and genuinely feel their love and concern for my daughter (whether or not there was a trip).  And I guess Maia "felt" and "feels" that from them.
I love you, cuz-ninangs!  So very sorry for the late posting!  But, really...Thank you!!!  We love you both!  May God bless you even more!

Thank God for family!  Thank God for Badot and Gay!  Thank God for life!

 Had to stop for lunch at Nuvali in Laguna
That's Ninang Gay, Birthday Gal Ninang Badot, Maia, and yours truly! (Maia, having a hard time adjusting to the sun's glare.)
Maia looking at the Koi fish down below...
Ninang Gay bought me some pellets and taught me how to feed the pellet at a time! Hahaha!
Left photo shows Maia with the "Baby-Whisperer", Ninang Gay!  Right photo shows Maia giving mommy "nose-to-nose" love (but silly mommy turned her face to the camera!).
Finally in Tagaytay City!  Checked-in at the Taal Vista Hotel.  There was a wedding that day...and my husband Cupid couldn't resist taking a picture of the car.  I, on the other hand, couldn't resist taking a photo of the blushing bride (forgot to ask her name).  I just love weddings and seeing brides in their gowns!
 All the grown-ups suddenly felt tired upon entering the hotel room.  But not Maia, who preferred to play "hide-and-seek" using the curtains!

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