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Ciento Bar and Restaurant with Wings and Kiko

Being a stay-at-home mom is a truly rewarding experience that I hope every mother gets to experience...if not full time, then at least some times.  Though, I will be first to admit that it does have its downsides.  First and foremost is that (as the term implies) you're always home!  Good thing I have other things going on in my life (such as my daughter Maia Rose, this blog, earning-from-home opportunities, mommy meet-ups and events, family, etc.).  My husband is a very busy man.  He works very hard for me and our Maia.  I am very grateful to have a very supportive husband in Cupid.  He only asks for two things from me.  (1) That I take very good care of our daughter, and (2) that I help him with our overall "budget".  And so, if it weren't for the weekly groceries and monthly bills, I almost never ask anything of him, (which includes going out).  So whenever he says, "Let's go out."...I literally jump off from my seat (after politely asking "if we have enough money"...hehehe) and then prepare to go.  But let me clarify first that this post is NOT about the advantages and disadvantages of being a SAHM.  On that issue, I always say, "To each his own."  I am simply writing about where my husband brought me to one rainy Tuesday night in August.

We headed off to the newly-opened Ciento Bar and Restaurant located at the Metrowalk in Ortigas Avenue.  His brother (Wings Soriano) and Kiko Verzosa were the performers that night.  I don't really frequent bars that much.  Not even when I was single.  I find them to be a little "intimidating".  But that wasn't the case in Ciento.  The atmosphere was cozy.  Intimate.  I love the sturdy wooden tables and chairs. Lighting was subdued.  Outdoor seating is also available.  Overall, Ciento's interior design is elegant in its simplicity.

Ciento Bar and Restaurant - Metrowalk, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City

Now, let's proceed to the food and beverage!  Shall we?  :)  We were given both a bar list and menu.  I can't tell you anything about the former because I didn't look through it.  I don't drink.  Cupid had just one Bailey's and that was that.  He's also not much of a drinker.  Only 1 or 2 beers, if ever, and not when he's driving.  Unfortunately, I also can't drive.  Given all that, I just ordered fresh calamansi juice.
Yours truly and My Cupid

And, though we already ate dinner before we left the house, Wings suggested we try some items from the menu.  He recommended that we order the quesadillas and I'm happy that we followed his advice.  This quesadilla was creamy, cheesy, and very yummy!  Though that was expected of a quesadilla, this one, to me, is different from the rest I've tried.  (That means a lot, coming from me.  Because I don't particularly like cheese-based dishes...I rarely, if ever, order them.)  Ciento's version wasn't "air-y" but was generously packed with ground beef inside the tortilla.  It's also served with a lemon-mustard dip/sauce which gave the dish just the right tangy finish.
Left:  My brother-in-law.  The multi-talented, Wings Soriano  |  Right:  Ciento's Quesadillaaaaah!

With such an "appetizing" appetizer, and after pausing to rest (hehehe), we decided to try and go for another appetizer.  Next we ordered was the Buffalo Wings, which was another winner in my book!  Tangy-sweet-and-mildy-spicy.  Though, for Cupid, it can be a little more hot and spicy  (I had to remind him that Ciento does fusion cuisine and so they're bound to change recipes up and give these their own twist to it.  Nothing really major, though.  Just some bit of tweaking.).  I, personally, love it!  I even like the way they served the dish with the sauce it was coated/ marinated with; and simply drizzled the ranch dressing (sparingly and not glopped) on the chicken, instead of having it served separately on the side.  It was really good.  I know, because we finished it all up!  I secretly wished to have ordered a cup of heaping rice to go with it but was too shy to ask.  Something that good deserved to be paired with some ice cold soda, and so we ordered Coke Zero.
Ciento's Buffalo Wings!

Oh, did I mention that their appetizers have big portions?  An order of appetizers can serve 2-3 people.  If you're not as hearty and healthy as Cupid and I, then you can stretch it to serve 4!  Mind you, however, that since Ciento is still new, they are only accepting cash payments for the moment.  We were told that management is working on it to provide more payment options and, consequently, even better service .

Ciento provides live music for entertainment.  I stated earlier that Kiko Verzosa and my brother-in-law, Wings Soriano were the band performers that night.  And boy, were they in their element!  No biases attached...but they were really good!  Showcasing their musical talents, both vocally and instrumentally.  Singing acoustic songs, easy-listening music and R&B genres, from both local and foreign artists.  Their sets were very engaging and relaxing.  Joking around with guests and at each other between song numbers.  These guys, perhaps because they perform together more regularly nowadays, jokingly came up with a name for their working "partnership"..."KiWi"!  I joked that maybe they should reconsider using "WiKi" instead, since the former is an endangered specie (and more commonly recognized by the generation-X as more of a shoe care product than a member of the bird family); while the latter is a website  that ranks 7th on the world wide web.  But nah...I was reminded that it was simply some form of private joke between them  and known among their common friends.  They're not seriously considering using a name when they do their gigs together.  So, let's not make it a billing issue.  Chill fans! :)
"KiWi" on stage

In the meantime, try to catch their gigs at Ciento Bar and Restaurant.  Wings and Kiko perform there every Tuesday and Sunday nights.  Who knows?  You just might get a chance to jam with them; or even catch a glimpse of other acoustic and R&B recording artists in the audience.  Now wouldn't that be cool?  :) 

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