Monday, October 18, 2010

Jeth's 13th Birthday at Pancake House

My nephew celebrated his 13th birthday last month at the Pancake House in WalterMart North EDSA. It was supposed to be held at their house but his Dad, John Dee (my first cousin), made a last minute decision to have it somewhere else so they wouldn't have to deal with cooking, as well as washing any plates and pans. I thought it was a great idea! They could have decided to hold the party in Timbuktu, I still would've gone (provided I have enough money!). Because, cliche as this may sound, I personally think that any place where you can gather family and spend time with them is heaven and should not be missed!

So, all 30+ of us were there! Only a few weren't able to make it. Nevertheless, the occasion was a very happy and noisy one, and somewhat "confusing" especially when it came to ordering and serving our food. I am so impressed by my cousin-in-law Pia....she took charge of everything, which made the restaurant's and servers' jobs easier and smooth-sailing. I guess, it helped that John Dee and Pia own a beach resort and so are used to situations like these :)

Happy 13th Birthday, Jeth!  Stay cool dude!

Below are some photos from that very happy day.  Too bad, my hubby Cupid was not in any one of them (for he was, as usual, the "unofficial" photographer that time...hehehe!)
Pancake House (WalterMart, North EDSA)
Solo shots...

Jeth's siblings:  Smiling Bella and Naughty Ram!
Jeth's siblings, still (hehehe):   Hungry Dax and Shy Sonny :)
Yours truly showing off my favorite Vanilla Milkshake (extra thick!). Right photo shows my Maia opening her mouth wide for chocolate ice cream...yum! "Like mother, like daughter"?...Oh no! :)
My pretty niece, Ilka, texting. And my very happy brother, Mikko :)
My lovely mother.  And my precocious nephew, Tor :)
Birthday boy Jeth, seen here striking a pose.  My brother, Marc, wearing his "Ninoy Glasses".  I like! :)
My cousin and Jeth's Dad, John Dee (and no, Dee is not his surname but part of his name!). Left photo shows my niece and Maia's only first cousin on the Dela Cruz side (so far!), Andie! Isn't she adorable?! :)
Dynamic Duos...

The Bayot sisters! My brother-in-law Mark and my sister Jaja :)
Jaja and Bella  |  Maia and her Lolo Ver :)
My parents  |  Their lovely grandchildren: Andie and Maia!
Our hosts, Pia and John Dee  |  Tor and his Dad, Van :)
Andie sharing a KitKat with Maia (so sweet!)  |  Jeth and his Tito Marc
Maia and her Tito-Ninong Mark  |  Pia with her sister Peachy (in orange)
Black and White...Yours truly (in white) with my cousin, Gay (in black) :-)
Three's company...

Andie, Yaya Ann and Maia | Maia with her La Mimi and Lolo Ver :)
Maia playing "Follow-the-leader" with her Kuya Sonny and Ram  |  Oldies but goodies! :)
Tito-Ninong Marc just loooooves his nieces!  |  "We are...The Gwapings!"  Hehehe... 
Food! Glorious Food!  (Call me shallow but I love the food in Pancake House! Just one of my "simple pleasures".)
Gay had the salmon with mustard sauce. I ordered the combo meal with Two-piece Pan Chicken and Tuna Macaroni Salad.
These 2 are Cupid's orders! Spaghetti with meat sauce and Homestyle Bangus (boneless and steamed!) :D
Gay and Sonny thought they could eat some more Pan Chicken but were just really full.  This is there left-over :)
Some more group pictures...

Oh, there's Cupid's reflection in the mirror! (Top left photo...hehehe). Happy Birthday, Jeth!

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