Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Gift from Nuffnang Philippines and Johnson's Baby

Hi all!  About a week or so ago, I received a package from Nuffnang Philippines and Johnson's Baby (J&J).  There inside were twelve (12) boxes of Johnson's Baby Bedtime Soap!  I thought, "How cool!  Now I won't have to buy soap for Maia for quite awhile."  But I also wondered why they sent me these.  Then I realized that it was for that time when Nuffnang asked me and other members some 2 months ago, to host the J&J ad widget (see photo on the left), as part of it's "Johnson's Baby Bedtime Discoveries:  I am a Believer" campaign.  These soap bars are actually a token gift for participating member bloggers. I actually forgot all about it.  But now that it's here, let me say, "Thank You, J&J!  Thank you Nuffnang!  May our 'partnership' forever prosper!" :)

Johnson's Baby Bedtime Soap.  It contains a special blend of soothing aromas and calming essence of Jasmine Blossoms, to help your baby/ toddler sleep better.  Like all J&J products, it also keeps your baby's skin naturally soft.
Maia and her 12-pack :-)
As shown here by Maia, you can also play with the soap bars and stack them up like toy blocks! Hahaha!
Godspeed everyone and thanks for stopping by!

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