Monday, November 22, 2010

Hubby is Home! We're Home!

Yes! :)  Cupid arrived from his 3-week Yokohama trip last Saturday!  He looked really happy when I picked him up from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport 1 (NAIA 1), but I could tell also that he was generally tired.  Despite that, the first thing he did upon arriving at my parents' house was carry Maia, whom he missed very much!  Maia, in turn, gave her dad a kiss which seemed to instantly cure his heavy head and tired body. :)

After having a late lunch of Dinuguan; and handing out his pasalubong (a really cute, cuddly, and white stuffed toy for Maia; a special edition Lacoste shopping tote for me; Royce chocolates, some souvenir items and even weird-looking snacks), Cupid took his well-deserved afternoon rest and snored a little more pronounced than usual. to my ears!  Hubby is home! :)

We woke up late the next morning and prepared all our stuff for the move back home.  My mom made sure to have all of Cupid's favorites for our Sunday breakfast -- longaniza from Bulacan (that's so yummy yet garlicky and fatty), daing (or dried salted fish), fried eggs (sunny side up), and our cook Nita's fried rice (which has ham, scrambled egg, green peas, garlic).  Lunch fare consisted of Kare-kare and Rellenong Bangus (Milk Fish stuffed with slices of tomatoes, onions and ginger).

We left my parents' place and arrived here at our house by 3 o'clock in the afternoon.  At long last!  Home sweet home!  Don't get me wrong. We loved staying at my parents' and we are really grateful that they took us in for 3 whole weeks while Cupid was away.  It was especially fun for Maia, who played with her grandparents and uncles on a daily basis.  She walked around the garden and got to play by the swings as often as she liked.  She also enjoyed being bribed by her Lolo Ver with a KitKat bar every now and then.  From time to time, her La Mimi would share a bag of chips with her.  Her Tito-Ninong Dennis would bring home even more snacks for her.  And her Nanay Annie (my yaya) always gives her warm pandesal for breakfast, and or a slice of cake sometimes for afternoon merienda.  I know...ALL JUNK FOOD!  Too much in my opinion.  I never let her eat THAT much junk food here at home.  But I figured, it's okay that they "spoil" her just for that time because they never really get to see her as much as they would like.  And boy, did she play the part of the spoiled child during those 3 weeks!  Whining.  Being coy.  Generally getting away with things she normally wouldn't when it's just us around.  Oh boy, don't get me started!

So you understand where I'm coming from right?  I mean, any grown, married woman who's been so used to living independently from her parents, with her own family, in her own house, and on her own terms, would feel relieved to have everything "back-to-normal" again.  I mean, wouldn't you? :)

Godspeed everyone!  Nice to see you all again.   And remember TO NOT feed your kids junk food! 

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