Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mommy and Maia's Mommy Academy Day-Out

Normally, our Saturdays are spent just lazying around the house, watching DVDs and sleeping.  At most, we would go do our weekly grocery-shopping, or hear anticipated mass.  But the Saturday of October 23, 2010 was a little different.  I signed up for one of Mommy Academy's Pedia Talk Live series which was held at the Dusit Thani Manila.  The organizers encouraged participants to bring their children.  And so I brought Maia...and her yaya Ann (so she can watch over Maia, while I focus on and listen to the lecturers).  And yes, I also brought my husband Cupid (well...I needed him to drive us there...hehehe!).

The talk was set to start at 8 o'clock in the morning and so we decided to just stop for some "fast food" breakfast en route to the hotel venue.  Our restaurant of choice? Good old Jollibee (at its branch along C-5)!  I love their breakfast meals!  Just one of my simple pleasures (smile!).

Our Jollibee Breakfast Meals! Clockwise from top-left:  Beef Tapa, Corned Beef, Jolly Spaghetti (for Maia), and Longganisa.  All (except for the pasta) were served with fried egg, garlic fried rice, and coffee.

3 pictures showing Maia and her Jolly Crispy Fries.  The last photo shows Maia drinking her iced tea.  I know! I know! A toddler eating spaghetti, french fries and drinking iced tea so early in the morning?!  Give me a break guys.  This doesn't happen everyday, okay.  So chill! :)

We arrived at Dusit Thani Manila at the exact time.  I was surprised by the number of participants in line at the registration booths set up in alphabetical order (by surname).  I went over to where the "S" was, they looked up my and Maia's names and then gave us name and food stubs.

As we walked towards the function rooms, I saw different booths showcasing products from the event's many sponsors (e.g., Adarna House, Baby Care Plus, Big & Small Company, Caltrate Plus, Cycles Mild Laundry Detergent Babies, Gain School Advance Preschool Milk, Havin' A Baby, Lactacyd, Loviscol, The Maya Kitchen, Wilkins, etc.).  There was even an artist who drew caricatures of the kids there.

I even saw fellow mommy-blogger, Joy Mendiola (of Occasions of Joy) and got to chat with her a bit about our kids, life, other events, etc.  I learned that she is part of the Mommy Academy team that organized this event series.    It was really fun seeing her there.

Joy noticed that I was a little hesitant leaving Maia in the play area.  There were just so many kids that I worried that Maia might get hurt or even scared by the more rowdy ones there.  I asked if our yaya can go in there with Maia.  But Joy told me that the preschool teacher aides (who were hired specifically for that day) would take care of Maia.  Joy told me that my "tendency to be protective" is okay, typical and expected of first-time parents with only one child.  She assured me that Maia will be fine and would manage on her own.  True enough, Maia seemed to really have fun.  At one time, she was going after plastic colored balls along with other kids.  Even snatching a couple from the hands of a poor, innocent little boy!  Turned out, I didn't have to worry.

Meanwhile, in the room adjacent to where the kids were playing, professionals from different and specialized fields (i.e., pediatricians, nutritionists, parenting experts, etc.) were taking turns on the mic, discussing and answering questions on proper nutrition, allergies, bathing principles, as well as brain and visual development.  Cupid was beside me the whole time.  Patiently waiting and only getting up from his chair to check on Maia.

Clockwise from left:  (1) Dusit Thani Manila's Grand Ballroom was transformed into a lecture hall for the event. (2) Yours truly...waiting and smiling.  (3) One of the pediatricians/ speakers that day.  (4) A shot of the projector screen.

The event came to a halt at a little over 12 noon.  But before we left, Cupid and I found time to have a flu shot right there because also present during that day was a medical services company.  Of course, it's NOT FREE!  But we opted to have the shot because (1) it IS the flu season, and (2) Cupid was about to leave for abroad that time and so it was necessary.  Don't worry, Maia already had her shots. :)

Lunch was at Pancake House at Bonifacio, Global City.  I love this reataurant for its family-friendly atmosphere and simple but delicious food.  If you will browse through my archives or do a search, you will see a lot of references to Pancake House.  Hehehe.

Maia had Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (I know...again!).  The rest of us had the Classic Pan Chicken (but I ordered it with garlic fried rice...I just like it that way).  Yumminess = Happiness! :)

In the end, it was a busy yet productive and fun Saturday for me and my family.  I look forward to more Saturdays like this.  I know Maia does too. :)

As Maia would always say... "Bye!  See you soon!" :)

Take care everyone and Godspeed!

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