Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baby Bella's Baptism

Last December 22, 2010 was the day when my niece, Bella, was baptized in the Catholic faith.  My hubby, Cupid, is the principal Godfather. Ahem! Ahem! :)

I have posted a lot of pictures here, so I will not say any more and just let said photos do the "talking".

Hope you enjoy the pictures!  And to Bella....welcome to the christian world!  God bless you, my darling!

Bella must be saying to herself:  "What's father doing?"

Bella:  "Father...can I see what's inside your robe?"

Bella:  "He's doing it again!"

Bella with parents, John Dee & Pia, and father     |, with her parents & Godfathers (Cupid is 2nd from right)

Bella with her parents & Godmothers     |     The Bustamante Family

Bella and her five (5) overly-protective brothers! (See Bella pinching her brother Ram's ear?!) Hehehe :-)

Just some of Bella's cousins who were present during the baptismal ceremony:  Maia and Ilka

Bella gets "top billing" on the announcement board of Annabel's Restaurant!

That's me and my Maia!     |     The reception set-up

Table set-up     |     Buffet area

The beautiful 3-tiered fondant cake (executed by Kitchen Kraft per the mom's specifications)     |     A basket full of chocolate lollipop goodies     |     Ilka "inspecting" all the chocolatey goodness! :)

3 nannies and a baby! :)     |     Bella inside her pretty, white, lace-decorated, woven bassinet

Lola May and Lola Arlyn leading the prayer

Cream of Pumpkin Soup, Assorted Bread, and Cheese Platter

For appetizers:  Really fresh Baked Oysters and Baked Mussels; and some assorted Maki

Apple Waldorf Salad; Salad Bar with choice of dressing (Mango Herbed Vinaigrette, Sesame Oriental, Cesar Salad) and condiments (bacon, grated parmesan cheese, croutons, green & red bell peppers, white onions, tomatoes, cucumber)

Pasta Station:  Fettuccine Pasta + your choice of sauce (Pomodoro, Bolognese, White Sauce) and condiments (bacon, mushroom, capers, grated parmesan cheese)

Potato Au Gratin     |     Steamed Rice

Baked Rosemary Chicken     |     Lengua Estofado

Seafood Newburg     |     Fish Fillet Milanese

Carving Station featured this yummy Oven Baked Pork Belly.  Too bad hubby forgot to take a photo of the Prime Rib :(

Sweet Desserts!  Clockwise from top left:  Fresh Fruit Platter, Canonigo, Buko Pandan Salad, and Minatamis na Saging

Lola Didi holding Bella (who's wearing a new dress with petticoat)     |     Yours truly signing Bella's guest book

My cousin Kati     |     Maia and her Yaya Ann

A very happy Uncle Ernie     |     My sister Jaja and hubby Mark

My parents, Ver and May     |     ...and here, with Maia :)

Bella's big brother, Sonny     |     3 belles -- yours truly, Jaja and Kati

My brother Marc and his partner Frenjick     |     Bella's other big brother, Dax, trying to sing

Maia kissing the pink balloon     |     My cousins Gay, John Dee, Van & Ivy, and Kati

Little Andie and her balloons     |     Tito Marc and his girls :)

The kids in their souvenir shot from the photo booth :)

Now it's our turn!

The Bayot Sisters (aka Golden Girls) will never be beaten!

Thank you for a very great and memorable party, John Dee and Pia!  Bella is very lucky to have you as parents.  Godspeed!

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