Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Shopping (Part 1?)

Cupid and I finally decided to do some christmas shopping yesterday.  First stop was at the Toys "R" Us store inside Robinson's Galleria.  It was a joy seeing Maia's eyes light up when she saw all the many toys, and more so when she got to "sample" playing with them.  She tinkered with the toy grand piano, pointed to some kiddie bicycles, slid on some slides, but spent a good part of her time banging on the Dora the Explorer drum set (I tell, you, she was a natural!).  It took a bit of effort to pry her from everything (which was expected when you put a 2-year old inside  a toy store).  But it had to be done because pretty soon she seemed to want everything she could put her hands on.  And we couldn't allow that.  We needed to think long and hard to ensure that the gift we will soon buy for Maia will be worth it and one that she will actually love and enjoy playing with.  Good thing we still have enough time to decide.

In order to actually start buying gifts, we had to take Maia and her Yaya Ann to Austin's Land, the kiddie play area inside Tom's World.  Good thing we did just that because it made Maia forget all about Toys "R" Us!  Inside were padded and water-inflated (that's right...water!) ball swims, see-saws, and slides. which just aroused my little toddler's curiosity.  She wanted to see where the water was coming and going, and wondered how come she wasn't getting wet...she kept asking her yaya, "Where's water?"  Hahaha...cute huh?! :-)

After hopping from floor to floor, going from store to store, and buying some gifts, Cupid and I went to get Maia and her yaya, and then proceeded to have lunch at Pancake House.  Maia was extremely happy with her Spaghetti with Meat Sauce.  Yaya Ann gobbled up her 2-piece Pan Chicken with Garlic Fried Rice.  I realized how much I've missed the Beef Tapa with Fried Eggs and Garlic Fried Rice.  While Cupid was pleasantly surprised by how yummy his order of Pasta Gambero was.  We chanced on a McDonald's desserts kiosk by the corridors.  So Cupid and I each had a Sundae Cone dipped in chocolate shell coating, while Maia and her yaya shared a Hot Fudge Sundae.

On our way to the parking lot, we saw even MORE toys -- soft and fluffy stuffed toys (i.e., Elmo, Cookie Monster, Lotsa Heart Elephant [a cousin of the Care Bears], a puppy pug named Willie [whom she seemed to really love...we just might come back for him next time..sigh!], pastel-colored balloons, and a wooden pull-toy dog named Howie the Hound [who we took home with us]). You just never win with kids sometimes! :-)

Maia slept in the car, the whole way back home.  After we dropped her and her yaya off at the house, Cupid and I still went to two (2) more toy warehouse sales in Quezon City.  We bought more toys and other gift items, but mind you...we are still not done!  A whole day of shopping was still not enough for the number of loved ones we still need to buy gifts for.  But since Cupid's back was starting to get the best of him, and because my feet and legs were already tired, we decided to call it a day and to continue with our shopping next week.

Yes, I'm afraid that there will have to be a "Part 2" to all of this.  I just hope and pray that we will be finished with everything by then.  We do expect the streets, malls, warehouse sales and bazaars to be packed as the days draw near.  But that's what we get for shopping late.  Oh well!

What about you?  Are you done with your christmas shopping already? Do you have any tips for me?

Hoping to hear from all of you.  Till then, happy shopping and Godspeed!

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