Thursday, December 2, 2010

Maia's Megamall Day!

The weekend that my husband came home from Yokohama, we decided to take Maia for a stroll in SM Megamall.  We've never taken her to Dave's Fun House but finally did so that day.  Thought that she would enjoy it there since it was like a "mini" community with a grocery store, hotel, police station, hospital, burger joint and beauty parlor; and she can pretend all she want.  Boy, were we right!

Maia loved it there!  Apparently, so did her Yaya Ann.  We had to lure her with Shakey's Mojos so she would come out.

From there, we took the elevator down to the mall's activity area so we could take a look at the christmas decor.  Maia's eyes grew with curiosity and amazement.  Then pointed and shouted out, "Castle!"

Overall, it was a fun day for Maia.  It was worth seeing all her different emotions and expressions.  We'll definitely do all that again!

First on Maia's list....ball swim! :)

Next is tea-time with a playmate (with some ball swim on the side!)

Hmm...I wonder what's upstairs?

Checking the view from the hotel window...

Maia loves slides!

See Maia being cautious as she pushes herself down the slide.

Now here she is, driving a car!

Is she pretending to be a doctor or a nurse?

Now, she's pretending to be a service crew for a burger joint :-)

This was where Maia spent most of her the beauty parlor!

Maia enjoying herself and making faces! :-D

Donning many a veil!

Maia the law enforcer.  I don't know what she is, exactly.  But she is wearing a FBI cap and a police vest.  Cute huh?! :-)

Maia enjoyed riding in the mall's glass elevator too!

Maia shouted, "Castle!!" upon seeing this and ran toward it. :-)

An impromptu family picture :-)

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