Thursday, December 16, 2010

Yummy Sumo Sam

I chanced upon these pictures, as I was organizing and purging file items in my desktop PC.  These were photos taken during our visit to the Sumo Sam Restaurant in Shangri-La Plaza Mall, on my birthday last year.

I totally forgot about these photos.  I guess, because it was just a little over a month after our house got flooded by Typhoon Ondoy (read the story here).  Fortunately, I still remember the flavors of all that we ordered in the restaurant that day... how much I enjoyed them... and how the experience made me forget all our problems that time even for just a moment.   So much so that I believe our gastronomic experience merits a "feature" on this blog.

Join me as I revisit our yummy Sumo Sam experience!  Enjoy the pictures! :-)

For starters, I ordered Kani Salad.  This wasn't even in the Menu but the Sumo Sam chef was very kind enough to accommodate my birthday request!  It was so yummy!  It's like California Maki but dissected and minus the mangoes :) 

Fresh plate of Tuna Sashimi.  I can't vouch for this dish since I do not eat raw fish.  But my husband said it was fresh, firm, and delicious!

When it comes to eating at Japanese can NEVER go wrong with Ebi Tempura!  But Sumo Sam's was unlike others I've tried.  You can definitely see and taste shrimp!  It's not just all batter.

Bacon-Wrapped Dory.  Need I say more? :)

Beef Teppan...."it's what's for dinner"!  My all-time Japanese dish.  And I wasn't the least bit disappointed.  The 3-sauce approach to this dish is what makes it even more unique compared to the others I've tried.  Good job, Sumo Sam!

Clockwise from top-left:  Chicken Teriyaki, Japanese Fried Rice, and Happy Birthday Noodles.  Yum times three!

Maia (who was only one-&-a-half years old here) loved and ate all the chicken and noodles on her plate. I remember her wanting to tap the table with the chopsticks that time...hehehe :)

Here, Maia was showing me her appreciation for the really nice food she just ate.  I love you, Maia!  Happy Birthday to me!  Thanks for the treat, Honey!

As always, thank you and Godspeed everyone!

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