Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

"Yey!"  That was my exact response when I learned that I was tagged for the Stylish Blogger Award (note:  Twice!! -- as of March 9, 2011).  I'm touched, really.  Who wouldn't be when you are considered by your fellow blogger?  When there are millions of other blogs and bloggers out there?  I am deeply grateful.

Thank you Mommy Pibyang (Pinay Mama) and Mommy Vix (Jared's Little Corner)!  To read the original post posts, just click on the link links below or copy-and-paste it them on your browser:

Now, receiving the Stylish Blogger Award will require the awardee to pass on the love.

And so the rules are, that you:
  1. Thank, and link back to, the person ones who gave you the Stylish Blogger Award.
  2. Share seven (7) things about yourself.
  3. Award fifteen (15) great bloggers that you know.  (note:  I'll be adding 1 more special link today, 03/10/2011)
  4. Contact said bloggers and tell them about the award.
Now, I've already thanked, and linked-back to, Mommy Pibyang (Pinay Mama) and Mommy Vix (Jared's  Little Corner).  And you noticed that I just did that again (hehehe!).  But seriously, thank you Pibyang and Vix!  You rock!  I'm not just saying this because you gave me this award, but I like visiting your blogs because it's so they're simply unique, clean and stylish in their simplicity...pluds, you write great posts!  You both truly deserve getting the award twice o (2) days in a row, and even more if you ask me!  Woot!  Everybody, you should go check her site out their sites.  :) 

Now here are seven (7) things about me:
  1. I am scared of big bodies of water.  Pools are okay.  But I never go in.
  2. I almost drowned twice -- in a pool (at age 5) and on a beach (at 25 years old).
  3. I do not know how to swim.
  4. I am scared to ride canoes, kayaks, boats, yachts, ships, and the like.  But I have been on boats.  It was okay.  Was nauseating.
  5. My daughter loves swimming pools!
  6. I want my daughter to take proper swimming lessons.
  7. My dad used to be a general manager for hotels and beach resorts.
(For some reason, I had a one-tracked mind when I did this list.) :-)

Now I'm passing on the love to these fifteen (15) sixteen (16) stylish mommy-bloggers!:
  1. Angela  -  Mom of 2 at Home
  2. Czaroma  -  A Woman Remembers
  3. Eihdra  -  One Proud Momma
  4. EINz  -  Mommy Tots
  5. Eschelle  -  Mumfection
  6. Jenn  -  Sweet T Makes Three
  7. Marise  -  Life Can't Wait
  8. Mona  -  Working at Home
  9. Mylene  -  Online Mommy's Corner
  10. Pibyang  -  Pinay Mama (Yes, you deserve to get this a THIRD time!)
  11. Pretty Mom  -  Stay at Home Pretty Mom
  12. Rose  -  Etcetera Etcetera
  13. Shydub  -  In Pursuit of Success
  14. tBirdie  -  The Nilsen's Nest
  15. Tina  -  Small Kids, Big Dreams
  16. Vix - Jared's Little Corner (Yes deserve a THIRD one of these...get used to it! hehehe)
So there you have it!  I shall be contacting these lovely ladies soon after I post this. (note: By this time, I already have...I just need to inform Blogger #16! Will do after this post!)

I appreciate the time you always give to Online Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom and all other blogs on the worldwide web (whether they are mom blogs or not).  Speaking of which, do you know of other blogs that deserve this award?  Do let me know, okay?

Thanks and Godspeed!

With gratitude,

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