Saturday, February 26, 2011


My daughter Maia is now in that stage where everything is a potential "fashion accessory".  A ribbon can be a necklace; a blanket can be a scarf; her bath towel can be a shawl; and my bracelets can either be upper arm bracelets or anklets.

I don't know where she got it from, for I have "zero" fashion sense, and I do not like staying in front of the mirror too long.  I'm more of a wash-and-wear, shirt-and-leggings kind of girl.  Maia, on the other hand, prefers wearing long dresses, and from time to time, likes to wear sandals and sneakers even when she's inside the house!  There are days when she would don on her Mickey Mouse headband ALL DAY and refuses to take it off!

One day, her father brought home some different colored construction paper and rubber bands.  Then he made paper hats for Maia, himself, and me.  She was ecstatic!  Then proceeded to "assign" hats for her yaya and her "bear-pals"....Pooh and her two Care Bears -- Baby Tugs Bear and Harmony Bear.  She never took off her paper hat...and wore it while she played, watched TV, and ate.

Maia and Poohbear with their hats on and watching TV :)

Maia and her Yaya Ann with their hats...and messing-up the play room :)

Baby Tugs Bear and Harmony Bear get a hat too!
If you will observe, my hubby crafted even more hats that time...because Maia was into the moon, stars, and different shapes, he made special hats for her also.  The "crown hat" at the back was reserved for Maia's cousin Andie, whom we saw the next day. :)

Thank goodness that my hubby Cupid is one crafty guy!  I love you honey!

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