Friday, February 4, 2011

An Interview and an Afternoon at the Yapyuco Family Aviary

My husband and I were asked by a family friend to be respondents to her son's college paper in Theology.  The topic was about Marriage.  The interview was held at our cousins, the Yapyucos.  Our young interviewer is in his 3rd year, and he asked about things like how we met, how we knew we would end up together, our marriage expectations, how things are now that we are parents, the responsibilities involved, and the like.  I admit that I felt a little weird about the whole thing because:  (1) Cupid and I have only been married for 4-and-a-half years, just relatively new in the game; (2) It's our first time to be telling our story "publicly" and "on print" [our responses will be included in our interviewer's Theology paper]; (3) I didn't like my marriage being the topic of discussion in a college class, and many other reasons. In short, I just felt a little uncomfortable.  But as it turned out, everything went on really well.  I think our interviewer was more nervous about asking us questions.  I don't think he has plans of getting married soon after college, after we stressed the importance of responsibility, and how there is more to marriage beyond the exchange of "I DOs". *smile* *wink!*

Yours truly, my husband Cupid, and our interviewer Ynigo.

And while we were being interviewed, our Maia was busy playing with her cousin, Cara, by the play area.  She always looks forward to playing here, where she can slide, go on the swing, and climb through the playhouse.

That's Cara standing up; and Maia crawling up the slide.

Maia and Cara then went on to the garden, where the former felt the urge to take off her slippers and walk on the grass.  It was her first time to do something like that, and it seemed that she loved the cool sensation it gave the soles of her feet.

Maia, not wanting to sit on the picnic blanket and only opting to stand on the cool grass

Her father and I just love these shots of Maia.  She looks like a little model in these photos. Don't you think? :)

She even played with the grass and was tugging at some weeds she happened to find.  It was so funny seeing her eyes bulge out from wonder and amazement at her new discovery.

We weren't able to take a photo of her playing with Cara's puppies.  She loved it!  I'm so impressed for I remember being afraid of dogs when I was small.  But Maia's different.  She is fearless!

Another fascinating thing about our visit that afternoon at the Yapyucos is the relatively big aviary they have installed, right smack in the middle of the garden and car garage.  I already heard about Tito Rolly's newfound fondness for exotic birds, but I didn't know that his aviary and collection was THAT big!  He shared a bit of "wikipedia-isque" trivia on every specie that is in his aviary.  But aside from the Golden Pheasant and the Cockatoo, I no longer remember the names of the other birds. At one point, I even told Tito Rolly that he now has a right to open his aviary to the public (and eventually, even start charging for a fee! hehehe!).
I honestly don't know the names of those beautiful birds above.  Cupid made a point to ask Tito Rolly about them but he also can't remember anymore.

This is just an ordinary chicken.  Tito Rolly informed us that this one's purposely included in the aviary to "keep the place clean".

Tito Rolly is particularly proud of his pheasants (seen in both these photos), but moreso with the Golden Pheasant shown on the right.

I particularly like this Cockatoo!  He was immaculately white and very regal-looking.

That first weekend of 2011 was an unusual, fun, and fascinating one for our family.  I wonder if that is a sign of many fun-filled weekends to come for us this year.  Well...if it means getting on new avenues of learning for us and our Maia, then I don't really mind. :)

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