Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Maia's First TimeZone Experience

I'm posting here some photos and a couple of videos from Maia's first ever visit to TimeZone (in their branch at Techno Hub) last month.  Before this, we used to only make her go to padded play centers and gyms specifically designed for toddlers.  So it was really nice to see that my daughter was "all-game" for this new adventure.

I will admit that I wasn't "sold" on the idea, at first.  Though TimeZone is categorized as a Family Entertainment Center (FEC), just like any arcade, they can get really noisy and "busy".  So, I was worried that Maia might get overwhelmed by all the noise, and with all the "grown ups" playing, that she might throw a tantrum.  But my husband assured me that she would be okay.

He was right, as usual.  I really had nothing to worry about. :)

Maia, seen here being assisted by her yaya.
Her father was laughing at how "gently" Maia was hitting the creatures that were popping out. :))

Click the play button.  See how "delicate" Maia was with the hammer and in popping the creatures. :)

Enjoying the ride :)
(the last photo shows Maia with her cousin, Ram)

Maia's cousins, Andie and Tor, were there too!
Here they are, trying out the Dance Dance Revolution!

Maia became curious when she saw her Kuya Ram play hoops...

And decided that she wanted to play basketball too! :)

See Maia attempt to shoot hoops.  Though she wasn't able to score any point...her efforts all but made up for it!
You can tell how proud her father was, judging from the excitement in his voice. :)

To my Maia-bird...stay happy and healthy!  Know that daddy and mommy love you soooo much!

To everyone, thanks for always sharing in my joy as a mommy!  I wish you peace and success in all your undertakings.  Be well!

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