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My Auntie Arlyn's 73rd Birthday

January 9, 2011 was the day that my aunt, Arlyn, celebrated her 73rd birthday.  In typical Bayot clan fashion, there were plenty of food, stories, kids, jokes, and lots of laughter!

Tita Arlyn's grandchildren made this banner.  They call her "Mommy".

My cousin, Gay, brought out old photographs (taken in the '60s and up to the early '90s) that everyone took turns browsing through.  Rowdy laughter ensued, followed by some reminiscing.  Some, I believe, started contemplating on "blackmailing" others, as a result of some photos that were "unearthed" that day. :)

I think that bringing old photos to a get-together is a good idea, for they're always a great ice-breaker.  :)   |
That's me (wearing a plaid blouse) with my cousins Gay & Badot, & my sister Jaja -- we were already laughing at some of the photos. :)

(Left) Here's my Maia playing with her Lola Arlyn's decorations  |  (Right) Maia greeting her Tito-Ninong Marc

A laundry tub filled with ice-cold San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen, to complement the variety of food (Chinese food, that is!!) below...
Watermelon, papaya, and pineapple slices!  Chopseuy (really yummy)!

Yang Chow Fried Rice (background), Fried Chicken, and a beef dish that's like a cross between bistek & sweet-&-sour (I liked this particular one, a lot!)

Pansit Malabon, plus another beef dish that's like a cross between beef-mushroom & sweet-&-sour

Chinese pork dish that's been breaded & spiced with salt, pepper, green & red chilis.  There's also Dinuguan!!!

Lechon Kawali, plus Breaded Fried Chicken (served with bleu cheese dressing)

Steamed Lapu-lapu with sesame oil, spring onions, and fried garlic for garnish.
Praying over the food, and also for the birthday celebrator

Chow time!! :)

Cupid's plate...hehehe! :)
My niece Andie and nephew Tor, eating and posing :)   |   The adults table (but we allowed our nephew Dax to join us) :-)

Everyone's busy eating. mom's in both photos!
(Left) with us in the adult's table set-up in the garage; and
  (Right) at the dinner table (with her sisters, Tita Didi & Tita Arlyn) where all the food is!

Maia playing & looking at herself in the mirror (this was taken after she threw a tantrum!)   |
The kids singing "Happy Birthday" to Lola Arlyn

My niece Andie, playing with the boys   |  My beautiful cousin, Kati

Uncle Ernie posing with the kids   |   My cousin Ivy, yours truly, and my Maia

My sister, Jaja (still 4 months pregnant at the time), seen here posing with her husband, Mark
...and with our brother, Mikko (looks like Mikko is also "with child"...harharhar!)

Kati, my nephew Ram, and Badot;  Ilka and Uncle Ernie...just "killing time" and posing for more pictures :)

The Bayot sisters (my mom, Tita Arlyn, & Tita Didi) posing with the kids.
 See my niece Andie (front and center), with her many poses.  She's holding hands with my Maia (also in front, in pink shirt and black leggings), who's smiling and happy :)

It's our turn with the birthday celebrator.  As you can tell from this shot...we weren't ready yet! :D

Oldies but goodies -- my dad, my mom, Tita Didi, Tita Arlyn, and Tito Ernie :)

After many servings of food (of which, I lost count), fun, babies crying, and photo-taking, the party soon ended.  It all happened in a blur.  Indeed, time flies when you're having fun.  But before everyone left...

3 of the youngest Bustamante boys (Sonny, Ram & Dax) gave their Mommy Arlyn flowers (so sweet!!!)...

Andie & her Tito-Ninong Marc made silly faces...

Tito Ernie and Gay shared a joke...
I struck a "look -behind" pose with Badot & Jaja...
Andie pulled Maia aside to play...
My dad took a "power nap"...
And then Cupid "expertly" took this "really-cute-sweet-and-lovey-dovey" shot of us with just one hand!
And that's that!  :)  Happy Birthday, Tita Arlyn!  We love you! 

Thanks and Godspeed everybody! :)

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