Monday, March 21, 2011

Late Christmas Reunion with College Buddies

My college friends and I always make a point of getting together for the holidays.  It has been that way since 1993, when we were all just single and fresh out of college.

Through the years, we see bottles of beer or Bailey's slowly disappearing from the table or menu; sleepovers (due to all-night partying or hangovers) becoming a rare occurrence; cigarettes that used to be consumed soon after we all eat became non-existent; the gifts either decreasing in number (with the migration of some to other countries), increasing (with the "entry" of our partners, followed by kids), or becoming less bulky (with the kids eventually maturing in age, emotions, and personal taste).

However, for the first time, my friends and I were not able to meet up for the holidays this 2010 due to different commitments and obligations.  But because we didn't want to break tradition, we still managed to hold a January of this year!

It was held at the house of Peter and Chinggay in Mandaluyong.  Following are just some photos from that reunion:

That's Maia at the bottom-left corner (with her back to the camera, busy eating & playing),
followed by yours truly, our host Chinggay Dela Cruz-Gonzales, Henry Lara, Peter Gonzales, Vince Lara

Marise Cruz-Reodique, Janina Reodique, Karen Bonifacio-Lara, Chevy Lara, and Jericho Reodique

It's gift-giving-and-exchanging time!  Seen here are sisters Sab and Yasha Gonzales

Hovering over the laptop so our New Jersey-based friend, Ghay Salvania, can see us on the webcam.
Me and my college posse!...well, what's left of it. :)
I'll just see you ladies again around Christmas!
As usual, my husband was busy taking pictures of everyone else!  Plus, he had the stomach flu that time.  Poor baby!  But thanks to him, otherwise, there won't be proof that this get-together even happened!

Truly, this is one tradition I always look forward to doing.  And I'm happy to have included my husband and daughter to this tight circle.

What about you guys?  Do you have set traditions with your old friends?  And how do you keep in touch with them?

Take care and Godspeed!

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