Friday, April 8, 2011

A Visit to La Mimi's Work Place (and Mommy's Former Office)

I needed to go to my former office in Makati, one fine January day, to get a replacement for my lost company ID.  You see, I filed for early retirement back in 2007.  My former office issued me and other retirees with a special ID card, for use whenever we come visit the premises.  But I soon found it to be very useful whenever we needed to transact with Banks and other government offices.  So when I lost it towards the latter part of 2010, I knew that I had to request a replacement pretty soon.

I really planned on taking Maia with me so that my former co-workers can finally see her all grown and dolled-up.  The last time I took Maia to the Bank was when she was still 7 months old!  So we dressed her up in one of the new outfits she got from Christmas.  Maia loves dressing up!  She enjoys admiring herself in front of the mirror.  Plus, she always associates it to "going out" and riding in the car.

She loves wearing this dress with the lady bugs, and pairing it with her tights!
See the photo at the right?  Was that a leg extension she did?  Or a side kick?
I don't know whether it's a ballet move or some martial arts thing.  We'll just see, I guess. :D 

While in Makati, we decided to surprise my mom, whom Maia fondly calls "La Mimi" (because Lola May is just so hard to pronounce...hehe!).  I believe it was the first time that we brought Maia to her grandma's workplace, so you can just imagine La Mimi's excitement seeing her there.  The latter then proceeded to "show Maia off" to her staff, peers and bosses.

La Mimi couldn't contain her delight.  She's seen her proudly showing Maia off in her office. :D

Then La Mimi treated us to lunch at the Tapa King outlet that was just at the ground floor of their building.

Yours truly and my beautiful mom :)
Maia toying with one of the table displays
Maia and her order of "ToSiLog".
That's Tocino, Sinangag (Garlic Fried Rice), and Pritong Itlog (Fried Egg).  Yummy! :P

Yum! Yum!  I love Leche Flan!
But wait!  What's that face, Maia?  Are you full already? :D

After lunch we proceeded to my former office, which was right across (in front of) my mom's workplace.  My husband always says that I'm like a "Mayor" or some big-time politician whenever I visit the office, for it seemed to him that I know everyone that we happen to pass by inside the building.  Well, what do you expect when you worked 13 years in a company, and almost half of that time your main job was recruiting personnel? :)

Anyway, while waiting for me at the Personnel Department's lounge, Maia's dad Cupid decided to give her Caramel Popcorn.  Maia LOOOOOOVES popcorn!  But she's never tried it with caramel.  So imagine her delight upon tasting some for the first time.  So cute!  My friends and former officemates were all over her, getting her to do stuff she usually wouldn't do in front of "strangers", and laughing at her "tricks" and funny facial expressions.  I guess she liked all the attention she was getting that day.  She was happy and was a behaved little girl all through out.

Mmmm...popcorn...but wait...this is new...different...but really yummy! :P

When I finally got my new ID, I decided to pay a visit to my other friends from various departments.  I was happy to see them and I believe they were happy to see me and Maia too.  They literally left their cubicles and chatted with us the whole time we were there.  Maia was so interested by all the white board magnets, office stamps, and ringing phones...she forgot all about her nap!

Maia still up and okay, even if it was already past her afternoon nap!
My Maia and I, with some of my DBP friends :)
It was a fun visit.  I hope to be able to do it again with Maia soon!

Thanks for dropping by my blog even if I am not able to update as frequently as I used to.  I wish everyone a great weekend ahead!  More power to you and yours!

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