Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dog Day Afternoon

We went to Bonifacio High Street located at the Bonifacio Global City one fine Sunday afternoon in April.  There, we met up for coffee at Figaro with our cousins, the Bondocs.

It was a perfect day for a stroll.  With just the right amount and balance of sun, clouds, and wind.  Immediately upon arriving there, and to Maia's delight, we saw dogs sprawling the complex's vast gardens and open spaces.  Some pet owners brought their one or two pets along for a stroll. While some, you can tell, were breeders and were there to showcase their toy dogs, retrievers, terriers, etc.  Perhaps, hoping to make a sale? :)

Anyway, getting to spend the afternoon outdoors and seeing dogs of different sizes, color, and shapes was enough to fill Maia's day with joy...and her mouth with a permanent smile all throughout (and up to the time we arrived home)!  :D

Below are some photos from that sunny-but-partly-cloudy day.  Do enjoy browsing them.  And, as always...thank you and Godspeed!

The first group of toy dogs we saw...
Upon seeing these tiny little creatures, Maia started to sing and approach them.  No fear whatsoever...I tell you!

Somehow, she managed to pry the leash of this Long-Haired Chihuahua from its breeder.
The breeder and his assistants kept saying how impressed there all were by Maia's "fearlessness".
They also kept saying that she is ready for a pet,
and were urging us to buy a Chihuahua from them...hehehe! :D

Maia's Tito-Ninong Johnny also approached one of the Chihuahuas,
and kept encouraging his daughters (Trixie and Haley) to come and pet them.

Here's Trixie and Haley (Maia's second cousins) keeping a clear distance from the dogs.

Haley and her Daddy John taking a stroll...
Yours truly and my Maia just resting on the grass
(where we maintained a safe distance and still have a clear view of all the dogs passing by). :)
Maia and her Tito-Ninong Johnny don't see each other all the time.
But here she was, comfortably sitting on his lap, while watching one of her favorite videos.
They were inseparable like this until the time we all parted ways. sweet! :) 

But before we left Bonifacio High Street, Maia stopped to view and pet these Old English Sheepdogs.
I had to keep reminding her yaya to stop Maia from petting these dogs
for they're too big and I was scared they might jump up on her.  Yikes!
But Maia, as usual, didn't seem to mind. :D

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