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Liv's 2nd Birthday Party

Maia was invited to attend Liv's 2nd Birthday Party.  Liv is the sister of Maia's cousin Zoe.  The party was held at the clubhouse of Mahogany Place III in Taguig City.

It was Maia's first children's party for the year, and so we were all very excited for her.  Especially since Liv's party was to be attended by some very special guests...Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, and Dora's best friend Boots!

Hubby originally took around 200 photos of this event.  But I've managed to narrow it down to 59 (only!).  So, without further ado, allow me to walk-you-through that fun-filled party, and I hope you enjoy viewing the pictures.

Happy Birthday Livy!  Stay smart and happy!  Be a good girl and love your dad, mom, and sister.  

Thanks Joel and Kat for having us!  It was a real fun party!  May God bless you and your family even more!

Liv and her Daddy Joel

It was time for the Scavenger Hunt!
This photo shows Kat (Liv's Mom) handing Maia her own Dora backpack and map!
An adventure!  Oh boy! :D
(Left) Yours truly and my daughter Maia  |
(Right) The map for the scavenger hunt, which was to happen at the clubhouse grounds!
Let's go!

Mommy, it's soooo hot and sunny!
We actually just finished Step 1 of the hunt where we looked for stuffed toys by the "Cuddly Garden".
Maia's yaya found a stuffed blue octopus, that we quickly placed in her new backpack.
Next stop was the Prize Pool! :D
Our Maia was first at the Prize Pool manned by her Ate-Ninang Zoe and her friend Sandra.
There, she was made to scoop-up a ball using a mini-net (with the help of her dad).
The ball had a number that corresponded to a special prize (right photo).

This was the scene after we left the Prize Pool.
I call this, "The Mob". :)
Maia was also first to arrive at the Little Artists Gallery.
Tita Jessica instructed her to unwrap a gift that contained a sketch pad and a box of crayons for her to keep.
But before that, Maia and the other kids have to draw something for Livy,
which will in turn be posted on the artists' wall.

All the budding little artists at work! :D

Liv had so many guests that there was no space left for her at the artists' table.
Poor baby!
But because she is a very good girl, she didn't mind nor complain at all!
Maia's cousin Sky arrived a little late
but managed to get through the whole scavenger hunt in a cinch!
Masterpieces all!
See Ate Ninang Zoe's bunny at the far left...

Maia's blue doodle at top-right... :D

And Ate Sky's rainbow at top-left!
Maia clapping and singing along to the songs
being played over the PA system inside the air-conditioned party venue.
"When you're happy and you know it, clap your hands."  *Clap!* *Clap!* :D

With her new sketch pad and crayon set, Maia continued to doodle at our table...literally!  Ooops!
I hope the catering crew didn't see us. :D

Eating time!

The beautiful people seated at our table --
Maia's Ate-Ninang Zoe, her friend Sandra, and Tito-Ninong Wings!
Finally...after the Newspaper Dance...
Dora, Boots, and Spongebob arrived! Yay!!

Then they had a dance number for Liv and the kids.
Dora and her gang danced to Justin Bieber's "Baby". :D
See Liv, Maia, Sky and the other kids watch and enjoy the mascots and their dance number.
We saw our Maia singing along to the song Bieber's "Baby".  So cute! :D

This was Liv's beautiful cake and colorful cupcake tower!
Candle-blowing time!
Liv seen here with her parents, Dora, Boots, and Spongebob.
See Maia and Sky admiring the cupcakes.
Daddy got one of each of the available characters.
All except for the star.

Close-up shot.
There were supposed to be 5 kinds of cupcake toppers.
But Dad said there was nothing left of the ones with the star design on top.

Then came the pinata.

But instead of the goodies, Maia seemed more interested in the confetti.

She was having so much fun that Sky and the other kids soon joined in! :D

Enough of the kids! :D
My hubby Cupid and I     |     Cupid with his brother Wings

Zoe with her sisters, Liv and Sky     |     Zoe, Sandra, Zoe's Tita Jessica, and Mommy Kat

Okay, let's get back to the kids... :D
Here's Sky at the play ground...
...and Maia by the swings...

After the party, we went to Zoe and Liv's new house which was just 2 blocks away from the clubhouse.
Here's Zoe and her Ragdoll cat named, "Pillow"! :D
Maia, as expected, fell in love with Pillow right away!
She went down on all-fours and said "Meow!" the whole time.
Oh Maia!  Daddy and I will give you a pet the minute we have our own backyard, I promise!

So that's that, my dear friends and readers.  Hope you enjoyed the photos and reading the captions.  Thank you for always taking the time to drop by and read my posts.  Trust that I will also do the same for you and your blogs.

With gratitude,

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