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Maia's First Easter Egg Hunt

It has been three weeks after Easter but it's only now that I make a post about the fun we had that day.  Another late post, I know, but I figured that I HAVE been known to put up late posts every now and then anyway, so... why stop now, right?  For some things, I believe that they were right in saying, "Better late than never."  Especially for this one.

This is an important post, you see.  This past Easter was a special one for us because it was the FIRST TIME in Maia's almost-3-years of existence that she experienced going Easter Egg-hunting.

Before anything else, a little trivia (and don't feel sorry for me, okay?).  I'm turning 39 this November but it was only MY SECOND TIME to go Easter Egg-hunting, too!  My first hunt was in Oakland, CA waaaay back in 1993. :D

Anyway, hubby's cousin Klaudine tweeted me days before and asked if we would like for her to register Maia to the "Tropical Easter at the Grove" event that weekend.  We said "Yes", of course, and prepared Maia for the event.

We bought her a pair of new pink Dora The Explorer walking shoes, and paired it with some new pasalubong items from her U.S.-based Tita-Ninang May (like her Dora The Explorer socks, her pink hat, and her floral dress).  Excited much? :)

Below you'll find photos and a short video of what transpired that Easter day.  I hope you all enjoy viewing  them.  And in traditionally, always-late Mama Mia fashion, "Belated Happy Easter everyone!"  Am I crazy or confusing?  Better yet...don't answer!  Hahahaha!

Here's Mommy Lily (my mom-in-law) posing with Klau,
who we spotted busily manning the registration booth.

Shots taken from the photobooth.
This one shows Maia donning on a hawaiian lei, while checking herself out via the monitor
(when she was supposed to look straight into the camera lens). :)

Maia is now a Hawaiian Easter Bunny!

Flanked by Daddy Giraffe and Mommy Lion :)

Hey!  How come Lola Lily's not wearing a funny hat? ;-)

After Maia borrowed the plastic shovel from the photobooth,
she then sat comfortably on a chair to signal that she's ready to watch the programme.

There was a funny juggling act...

...and some story-telling.
They also sang songs from many Disney movies,
like "Aladdin"...

..."The Lion King"...

...and even "Tangled".

See us, enjoying the programme,
along with other kids and their parents!

There was also a face-painting booth.

So we made Maia go get one, but only on her arm.  She objected at first.

But eventually gave in when she saw how cute her "sheep" was.

And then "showed-off" her sheep to us.
She walked-about the premises, careful not to put harm on that sheep!

Then came time for her to do her own painting.
Maia chose blue paint (her favorite color) and then painted on a ceramic fish.
Yaya Ann picked yellow paint for her ceramic starfish.
Their artwork are now prominently displayed at the door of our refrigerator here at home. :D

Next fun table we saw was the glitter-tattoo booth!

I chose a bumblebee design for Maia.
But because the template was too wide for her skinny arm,
I decided to have the tattoo placed on the back of her hand this time.

Having been painted on earlier that day gave Maia the confidence for this tattoo session.
She was relaxed all throughout and almost didn't budge.
She was curious about the "process" and looked on while the lady gave her a tattoo.

She even managed to get the brush from the lady,
and brushed-off the extra glitter from her tattoo.  Good job, Maia!

Finally, it was time for the egg-hunting activity!
We were told that there were over 400 eggs scattered around the premises.

And as Maia sat under a tree to rest, there she saw an egg!

Do you see me using Maia's hat to carry the eggs (the first of many to come)?
And do you also see the "determination" on Yaya Ann's face? :D

Tita Klau gave us a bag as soon as the eggs got too many to carry.
And so Maia got her hat back! :D

Maia was so well-behaved, patient, and did such a great job of egg-hunting,
that Daddy decided to reward her with a chocolate fudge sundae! Yum!

Watch this short (and CUTE!) video and see Maia:
have fun on the grass, and run around the grounds of The Grove by Rockwell;
join yours truly and her yaya in hunting for Easter Eggs; and
find some eggs herself. :)

See Maia's stash of Easter Eggs!
She took home a total of 31 plastic eggs, all in all (yes, I counted them! Hehehe).
Inside each were some assorted candies, and cute tokens like pens, erasers, etc.

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