Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 random things you never knew about Mama Mia

I was tagged by one of my blogger friends, LadyMishel, last week and as a result of which I must divulge 10 things about myself.  It took me some time to come up with a list of things that I have not already shared here before; and feel comfortable enough to reveal.  So here goes:

  1. My breakfasts must always include a fresh cup of coffee and fried (or scrambled) egg. But the egg has to be cooked right before I eat so it's freshly cooked and steamy.
  2. I'm a moody person.  And I get even more moody when I have my period.
  3. I get a bit loud when I'm happy and excited.  But turn really quiet when I am disappointed or stressed-out.
  4. I'm a worry-wart.
  5. I'm stingy and don't like throwing away money on useless things.
  6. But when I splurge (which is rare), I go over-the-top.
  7. I, however, think that these are splurge-worthy indulgences:  traveling, spa/ facial treatments, salon services, dining out, and watching movies
  8. I'm a foodie.  I love food!  One of my secret wishes is to be a food critic so I can hop from restaurant to restaurant and make a living out of tasting and rating their dishes. :P
  9. I wish to own my own cafe-bistro someday.
  10. I can be a really good and loyal friend.  But a fierce and relentless enemy when I or my loved ones are taken advantage of.
The rules now dictate that I also tag ten (10) other bloggers.  What fun!  I've always made a point of mentioning and tagging those who are following me via Google Friend Connect.  So, are you ready to find out who these lucky bloggers are?  Okay then.

I'm tagging:  Allmu, Alaina Ellington, David, Dona, Fatiha Delmar, , Mishkash, NanLT, and Pink Diva.  Do check out their blogs and tell them I said "Hello!" 

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