Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Complete Wipe-Out!

Picture this.

One day, I was busy reading a few mommy blogs and left Maia to the care of her Yaya Ann.  Ann was having one of her "absent-minded spells".  While putting away all the clutter and toys, she forgot about the baby wipes. 

Maia loves the baby wipes!  She loves pulling the sheets from the pack.  She loves the dampness and feel of it when she wipes her face and hands with it.  She also uses it to wipe the floor while saying, "Clean!".

So what did Maia, a curious little toddler, do when she saw the pack of baby wipes just lying around for her perusal?  Check out the photos below to find out! :)

It was a complete and total wipe-out, I tell you!  But instead of getting frustrated over 90 new sheets of hypo-allergenic and unscented baby wipes, I found the whole thing hilarious!  I couldn't bring myself to teach and remind her that wipes are not toys.  Anyway, it was the first and last time she did it (well, so far!).  I just chalked it all up to her natural need to explore.

Taking inspiration from the MasterCard "Priceless" ad campaigns, here is how I try to sum up this experience:

A pack of baby wipes?
A child's capacity to satisfy her curiosity, explore, and learn from ordinary things?

Indeed, there are just some things that money can't buy.  Okay! Okay!  It's just $2.00.  So why am I being overly dramatic about this?...  Well, it's a parent thing. :)

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