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Happy 3rd Birthday, Maia!

Our Maia turned 3 years old last May 27.  We originally planned to celebrate it with a small swimming party for some of her playmates here in our village.  But because Typhoon Chedeng (International name: Songda) was expected to "arrive" that time, we cancelled our reservation at the clubhouse just 3 days before.  Any chance for a simple indoor celebration was also cancelled because, ironically, our neighbors and their kids were all out-of-town.  Perhaps, to make the most of the last weekend before the start of the new school year.  It's either that or they were all trying to get to "higher ground" (you remember my Typhoon Ondoy post?)!

Anyway, I will not drag this any further because I intend to post a lot of photos.  Just read the captions so you can easily follow what transpired during Maia's birthday weekend.  Consider this entry as my Phlog (short for Photoblog), if you will.

MAY 27, 2011
Maia's 1st-Ever Haircut
CUTS 4 TOTS, Megamall
Lola bird instructing Kuya Dante on what to do and how to handle Maia.

We were ready for fireworks, some screaming, and major tantrums.
Turns out Maia didn't mind that a complete stranger was working on her hair.
We were all dumbfounded!  But really relieved.

The cape, mini car, the mirror...
it was like a carnival as far as my little one was concerned!
I don't know why I ever thought this was going to be traumatic for Maia.
I was worried for nothing. :P

Another secret to our success...they played a Dora The Explorer DVD!

Look at that smile!

I was looking for new hair clips to go with Maia's new do.

Why so serious, baby girl?

I know you don't like loud noises.  But you think we can try the hair-dryer on you?

Uh-oh...she's covering her ears and avoiding the "breeze".
I think I should tell kuya to stop...

Hmmm...not so fast Kuya.  Looks like Maia is enjoying it now.

So kikay!

Here's Maia using the new Hello Kitty clips I got for her. :)

So, how do you like Maia's new haircut? Nice huh!
This is just one of Tita-Ninang May's gifts for her.
Thank you Ninang May! Love you!

Fun in the ball swim!

Even more pampering at the mini salon!
Hmm...Maia, you just had a haircut and here you go donning on a wig?!

It's a good day for a drive!

Are you dancing here, baby?

As Maia would say...  "Swide!"

Time for a little snack.  Too much playing can get really tiring!
But thanks Daddy and Mommy!  I really had fun!

Eating Time!
CHOWKING, Megamall
I'm hungry!  What's taking them so long to serve us our food? :-\

Our food has arrived!
We ordered the Family Lauriat set (good for 5 persons) which includes:
Chinese-Style Fried Chicken, Pancit Canton, Dimsum Platter, Chicharap, Rice, Buchi, and soda.
We also had an order of Beef Mami, plus Pork Chao Fan with Siomai.

Maia wanted nothing but the Pancit Canton.
We each took small portions...the rest was hers alone.  Seriously!
It's the first time we've seen her do that.
Chowking does make really delicious pancit, anyway. :)

The (different) looks of satisfaction!  Maia can be real funny when she's happy and "stuffed". :D

Oh...and here's her "fake" smile! :D

Lola, can you do a fake smile too? :D

Okay, that's that.  I'm now sleepy. :)
But thanks for the treat Lola Bird!

On our way to the parking lot...
I made time to pose for a Minnie Mouse souvenir shot...

...and say hello to a puppy inside a window display. :)

In the car going home...
I fell asleep in the minivan.  Daddy said I was snoring.

The celebration continued at home...
We had fried chicken and spaghetti with tomato and meat sauce for dinner!
You rock Daddy and Mommy!

By now, it's obvious to everyone that I love to eat most noodle and pasta dishes. :)

My red Ribbon Triple Choco Roll from (also from Tita-Ninang May).

Maia hid herself when it was time to sing the "Happy Birthday" song.
She also doesn't like lit candles.  So I blew out the candle for her. :(
It was finally time for our family show, Jeopardy! :D

May 29, 2011
Lolo Ver and La Mimi's house,
Filinvest, QC
My Red Ribbon Mocha Choco Crumble cake from my Dela Cruz family

Lola Ver and La Mimi also sang the "Happy Birthday" song to Maia.
Though she didn't like it (see her covering her ears in the left photo?), she didn't throw a tantrum. :)

Aside from the cake, La Mimi also prepared spaghetti with tomato and meat sauce, ice cream and sodas.
While Daddy ordered the following from Shakey's:  Mojos and 4 kinds of pizza:
Garlic and Cheese, Pepperoni, Friday's Special with extra anchovies, and Manager's Choice. :)

Maia's Gifts!
From Lola Bird...
a cute Disney Princesses wand that lights up and has a "magical sound" when "swooshed".

New wooden construction blocks
that Mom and Dad bought from the money given by
Lolo Noli, Lola Agnes, and Tita Margaux.
Thank you my Romero family!

A pretty Disney Princess table-and-chairs set from Lolo Ver and La Mimi.

A cute and bright-colored bouncy horse that
Dad and Mom bought from the Toys R Us Gift Certificates given by
Ninang Angel, Tito Vic, and my kuyas -- Waxx, Vincent, and Seb.
Love you all!

A really cool study-and-work-table-and-chair set from my Tita-Ninang May (again!) and Ate Pixie.
You guys are too much! Mwah!

A cool doll with her own wardrobe!
This is from Ninong Johnny, Tita Cathy, and my cousins -- Ate Trixie and Haley.
Wheee!  Thank you!

The Jumbo Animal book is from my Tito-Ninong Wings and Tita Kath.
While the balls, Nemo coloring book, and Disney writing/ activity book are (again) from Lola Bird.
I love you all!

A pretty new Barbie doll from Ninong Mark, Tita-Ninang Jaja, and Ate Andie.
I love her purple shoes!  Thank you! Mwah!

From my Yapyuco family...
a really adorable toy puppy that barks, walks forwards and backwards.
It's now my favorite toy!  Many thanks!  Love you all!

Thank God!  Our Maia is truly blessed with people who love, care for, and support her 100%.  May the Good Lord continue to bless them and their families!

Before I forget, thank you all for always taking time to read through my posts and browse through the photos I've attached.  I hope you enjoy your time here and decide to come and visit me again. I will be sure to return the favor. :)

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