Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our neighbor Julianne's 7th Birthday and Swimming Party

Maia and her cousin Sky were invited to our neighbor Julianne's 7th birthday celebration and swimming party last May.  Julianne's party was held at the village clubhouse with guests comprising mostly of kids from our neighborhood.  The theme for the party was "Rio: The Movie".

Here's Maia with Ate Sky (her cousin) in their pretty tutu-bathing suits.
Here, Sky was telling Maia to "Look and smile at the camera!" :D
Maia and Sky shown here swimming with Maia's daddy Cupid.
See the look of contentment on my daughter's face? :)

Maia and Daddy.
Time to eat!

"Tito-Ninong Poof, can you teach me how to swim?" asked Sky. :D
I wonder why Cupid is all-smiles here at our Maia. :D
It's so fun to watch Maia sooooo happy. :)
My two loves! <3
Getting ready for the pabitin.
Ready...  Set...

Go!! :D

It was time to blow the candles.
Maia cried when we took her off the pool.
But stopped when she saw Julianne's dog, Max. :D
Here's a shot of the birthday girl about to blow her candles.
There's a partial shot of her banner at the back with the party theme.
Do you also see the blue feathers scattered on the table where the cake is?
Very "Rio: The Movie" don't you think? :) 
See Maia (in yellow bathrobe) covering her eyes as everyone was singing "Happy Birthday".
Julianne seen here laughing after she made her birthday wish...that is to have her own iPad!
I wish we had captured her father's response..."Huh?!" :D
A swimming party with hotdogs-on-sticks, spaghetti, chicken lollipops, sandwiches, cake and ice cream, pabitin (the filipino version of a pinata), balloons, the company of your neighbors and their kids...it's a sure-fire recipe for success!  Thanks for inviting us JB (Julianne's dad)!  Happy Birthday Julianne!  May God Bless you and your family even more!

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