Friday, July 1, 2011

Kath's Baby Shower

My brother-in-law and his fiance are having a (hopefully)!  Kath is on her 40th week and she is scheduled to be induced.  They're having a baby girl and per latest news, they're naming her Summer.  I just don't know if this will be her first, middle, or only name.

I figured that, since the baby is about to be born anytime now, I should probably go ahead and post these photos taken on the night of Kath's impromptu baby shower.

The Food!
The spread (on closer inspection) featured
Kath's Pasta Alfredo, Weng's homemade iced tea,
the Peppered Roast Chicken from Shopwise (c/o Vic and Angel) paired with Vic's "secret" gravy recipe...
...Garlic Roast Chicken (still c/o Vic & Angel) from Shopwise,
and Mommy Lily's Lumpiang Shanghai with choice of ketchup or chili sauce.
Kath (in brown), our cousin Angel (at the back),
posing with the really delicious and very moist chocolate chip muffins,
topped with soft pink cream, and cute little edible silver beads...
created by their friend, the other Kat (the lady in green).
Weng was so touched by the gesture, he wanted a shot of himself with the muffins.
Oh, and Kat also made those pink lollipops you see in the center. :-)
So cute and pretty don't you think?
To think these were done in a hurry.
Our cousin Margaux, her dad (Tito Noli), mom (Tita Agnes), and a friend of the soon-to-be-parents.
Friends of Weng and Kath.
Can I assume that they will also be the child's future Godparents? :D
That's Weng in brown, with Godfathers...I mean his friends: Ivy, Vic, and Jules. 
That's Mommy Lily (with her niece Margaux and brother Tito Noli)!
My hubby and I :)
We noticed that most of those present were wearing either green, brown, or both!
They said this wasn't planned.
Angel's boys (Waxx, Seb, and Papa Vic)!
Weng teaching Waxx more guitar-playing techniques.
Do you see Waxx's "Stage-Mom" Angel at the back?
I was just informed that Kath had already given birth to a 6-pound baby girl at around 2 this morning.  We can't wait to see the newest addition to our family!  Great job, Kath!  Congratulations Weng!  Welcome Baby Summer!

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