Monday, July 11, 2011

My new nephew Rafa!

Goodness me! It's been over a month and I almost forgot to blog about my new nephew, Raphael Pierre! My sister gave birth to him by C-section last June 8. He was a whopping 7 pounds and 2 ounces when the medical team weighed him in.

We went to visit Rafa at the hospital the day after his birth. That time, he cried like a baby whale (like he was being held captive or something!) and was ALWAYS hungry (you'd think there was no tomorrow!). I wondered if all boys were really like that.

Rafa liked being carried and sung to. So I did just that. They told me he didn't like it whenever people put him down to bed.  But because I believe I am a "Baby Whisperer" (smile!), Rafa eventually fell asleep and was out for 30 minutes, which allowed my sister some needed rest.

His parents nicknamed him Rafa.  But as of today, a lot of other nicknames have surfaced such as Paeng, Apeng, Rap-Rap, and Apa.  I call him Paeng and Apa, interchangeably.  His older sister Andie insists, however, that EVERYONE call him Rafa only.  Period.

Below are photos of our visit to the hospital. As usual, Rafa's Ninong Cupid won't be seen here because he was busy taking these pictures. :)

Rafa and his mommy Jaja.
That's Rafa's lolo Doy, holding him is his lola Josie, and his daddy Mark.
His sister Andie. :)
Yours truly trying to make Rafa burp.
Rafa, please say... "Excuse me!"
Look at those big eyes!
Maia didn't seem to mind it even as she saw me carrying another baby.
Or did she?  See her out-of-placed headband? :D
After Rafa's mom breastfed him, and after he successfully burped,
I carried and sang to him a little.
When he was about half-asleep, I laid him on the hospital infant bed...

...then he yawned...
...and he was off to dreamland... :)
What did I tell ya?
Baby Whisperer! :D

Welcome Paeng (I mean, Rafa)!  We love you!  God bless you!

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