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Johnson's Baby Bedtime Discovery 4: Bedtime Activities, Story-Telling, and Lullabies (June 5, 2010)

Just days ago, I wrote about my invite to the Johnson's Baby Bedtime Discovery series, where mom-bloggers meet-up to learn and discuss about sleeping principles and how these greatly benefit their babies. I think I mentioned in my post that the series was divided into 4 parts.  I was only able to attend the 1st meet-up (read here) and the 4th (which I will write about now).  I, unfortunately, wasn't able to be there for the 2nd and 3rd meet-ups, as well as in the culminating activity.  However, I can safely say that I learned a lot from the 2 sessions that I was in.

I went to the 4th Johnson's Baby Bedtime Discovery meet-up (held at the Dome Cafe in Legaspi Village, Makati), thinking that I would get to see, again, some of the other mommies and ladies I met before.  But the only familiar faces I saw were that of Caren Yrastorza (our host-facilitator) and Nuffnang Philippines' Anne Franco. What I distinctly remember from that day was this one mom, Mommy Lace, who came with her husband, newborn baby, and her bestfriend who is also a nurse!  But other moms, like Mommy Janese and Mommy Joy, also brought along their sons.  Yes, it was a family affair!  And it made the day's talks even more substantial.

This time around, the discussions focused on bedtime activities such as reading bedtime stories and singing lullabies.  It was both enlightening and fun listening to all the mommies share their experiences, bedtime rituals and routines; and to hear about the many and different songs and music genres they employ in getting their little ones to sleep .  I remember one mom, Mommy Meng, who shared that she lulls her baby to sleep with a full-on rock song from the band, Metallica!  Some moms (like me) prefer soft and gentle songs.  Some read a book right before bedtime.  While some moms, like me, prefer to "un-plug" everything (meaning, lights and TV turned off, no books or toys whatsoever) so that our babies aren't stimulated too much before going to bed and allow them to sleep easily.  I learned that each and every mother, and each and every baby is different.  That what works for one may not necessarily work for another.  That if a mother feels stressed, her baby feels it too.  That to each his own.  Nonetheless, it was very enlightening to know that, whatever we do for (and with) our child, it always has an effect on our bond with them, as well as on their mental and emotional development.
If you wish to read more about what transpired that day, click on this Nuffnang Philippines' article:  Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Discovery 4: Bedtime Stories: Bedtime Activities for Your Baby and Baby Lullabies.  There, you will see me and my funny face again...last photo, the only one with the double chin!   (Honestly, Ms. Anne [Franco], however do you manage to take these laughable poses of mine?...You already owe me big time! Hahaha!)

Now Johnson's Baby, in it's fervent mission to help mothers give the best for their children, has provided a list of classical or more well-known lullabies and their lyrics at:  Lullaby Lyrics.  Other noteworthy links from the Babycenter Philippines site are the following:
Thank you Nuffnang Philippines, Johnson and Johnson's, and Johnson's Baby for this opportunity.  I hope to be a part of more events such as this.  And to all the wonderful moms and bloggers that I've met through this...more power!  See you all again next time around!  Allow me to honor you and all your motherly-efforts (and Az's fatherly-efforts, as well) by listing your links below this post, to wit:
Following are some of the photos I took from that day.  Enjoy!

We are greeted by this tarp by the entrance to the function room
I arrived really early.  So I read my copy of Smart Parenting's The Yaya Manual while waiting for the event to start.
My husband, Cupid, who preferred to wait for me by the cafe's bench seats.  In all the 3 or so hours that he waited, he helped himself to tea, coffee, pasta, & a sandwich...while enjoying free & unlimited access to Dome Cafe's wi-fi facility!
Our lovely, fun, and engaging host-facilitator, Ms. Caren Yrastorza.
Mommy Lace, her newborn Baby Ashton, and bestfriend Nurse Mariel :)
Picture-picture!! :)
Food!  Glorious food!  Too bad, I forgot to also take a photo of my cake for desert :)
The good people behind this event...Nuffnang Phil and J&J peeps! 

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