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Goldilocks' Pagbabago Awarding Ceremony

I received an e-invite from Nuffnang Philippines again to attend the Awarding ceremony for Goldilocks' Pagbabago blogging contest.  I "RSVP'd" immediately because:
  1. I was curious to hear and know about the other entries, the stories written and shared by other bloggers who joined the contest (you can read my entry here >
  2. I was curious to see the other bloggers and to finally know who won the iPod Touch units and, of course, the iPad (I will be first to admit that I was secretly hoping to win one!).
  3. Let's face it...Goldilocks is known for their very yummy, home cooked-style, pinoy food. :)
  4. Also, I really "dig" having to be invited to and attend a Nuffnang event.  It gives me that sense of "community" and acknowledgment as a blogger.
The event was held on October 22, 2010, a Friday night, at Goldilocks' main branch in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.  My hubby was my plus-one.  But we couldn't bear to leave our daughter, so we decided to bring her, as well as her yaya.  I thought, then, that we will just order and pay for their meal.  But as it turns out, this wasn't such a big deal for Nuffnang nor for Goldilocks.  Thank goodness, they're such good folks!  :)

All bloggers (and their plus-ones or families) were given their own DYC or "Decorate Your Cake" Box. Inside each kit is a plastic knife, mamon, icing, sugared cake topper, and some sprinkles.  We were asked to decorate our fluffy mamons, which will be judged by Goldilocks personnel.  The best-looking mamon-cake gets a token prize from Goldilocks.  Maia opted to eat her cake right away, so her's was eliminated..hehehe.  They announced the winner.  It was my blogger-pal Kaye of  Last I saw her was during the first JnJ Baby Bedtime Discovery and mommy meet-up in Cafe Via Mare at Power Plant Mall.  Surprised to see her there, but I wasn't surprised that she won.  I mean, she designs nappy cakes!  She was real creative with her mamon.  She shaped it into a heart then put icing on the whole thing!  Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of it!

Then a video presentation of the history and milestones of Goldilocks was shown to everyone present.  After which, a trivia game ensued.  Prizes were given to the winners.  We almost won it, but hubby answered the question wrong!  But it's okay.  It was fun, nonetheless! :)

Then came the main event, the announcement of the winners in the Pagbabago blogging contest.  I'm telling you, my heart was thumping real fast!  I was not really expecting to win, but at the same time, I was hoping.  I know.  It's confusing.  But that's how I felt. :)

There were 3 categories.  The category winners each get a iPod Touch.  One (1) over-all winner gets the grand prize... a brand new iPad.  Then they started showing the winning blog entries on the projector.  Wow!  Then and there, I knew I didn't have a chance.  They were all really good!  Mine was "peanuts" compared to their life stories and writing style.  But I was genuinely happy for all of them.  Like I said, I was "hoping" to win, but I didn't really expect it.  Heck, I gave it a shot!  I TRIED and that's what is important. :)

The contest and the awarding ceremony were a definite success!  I hope to join such fun and worthwhile contests, if time permits.  Thank you Goldilocks and Nuffnang Philippines for this experience!  I wish you more power!
Hope you enjoy some of the photos taken from that night! :)

The venue...Goldilocks Shaw Boulevard Branch in Mandaluyong City
The stage is set! See the iPad and iPod Touch on display and ready to be given away? :)
Me and my Maia  |  Me and my Cupid
Just chillin' and killing time while waiting for the program to start :)
We were each given a DYC (Decorate Your Cake) Box Kit!  Maia patiently waited (and even tried to help) for her mamon to get decorated...then as soon as it was done, she ate it! :)
(Left) We managed to take a photo of Maia's and her Yaya Ann's cake...hiding the already-eaten part.  (Right) My still partially-finished cake :)
Everyone was really into their cakes! So many varied designs from both young and old.  I personally like this Sponge Bob design (right photo) by one of the mommies there. :)
Cupid's cake had the Goldilocks logo on it (I personally think he should have gotten a consolation prize or token...hehehe).  That's my finished product on the right.  Cute huh!? :)
Eating time!  We were each given this yummy plate consisting of steamed rice, barbecue, pancit, and fresh lumpia with Goldilocks trademark peanut lumpia sauce, plus a bowl of laing!
Sodas were served, as well as the Almond Lychee Popz.  It was soooo good!  Imagine this...almond syrup, almond jelly, crushed ice topped with lychee flavored Popping Bubbles!  Then a polvoron dessert with really delicious milk or white chocolate coating was also passed around.  Love it!
 ...Maia loved it too! :) ...
Staff and officers from Goldilocks served as program hosts for the evening.
 Maia was getting a little restless...Asking me things like, "Where's the moon?" "Where are the stars?"...Singing...Fiddling with her zipper...and making funny faces :)
Guests were introduced: a lady representative from the Nuffnang Asia office, as well as a male TV celebrity from ABS-CBN
 Blogger and TV writer, Yoshke, won Most Eloquent.  You can see his entry at:
 Blogger Divine Viva won Most Creative Blog.  You can see the story at:
Blogger and columnist for The Manila Bulletin, KCat, was overall winner.  Hearing her story and seeing her in person...I just started to cry then and there.  Read her story at:
The fun crew of Goldilocks Shaw Boulevard Branch! :)

The loot bag!  Each paper bag had a box of Goldilocks Classic Polvoron and Goldilocks famous Dinuguan! :)  

You can read more about this event over at the Nuffnang Philippines site.  Let me give you the link:

Again, thanks Goldilocks and Nuffnang Philippines!  Congratulations also to all the winners!  Bloggers rule!

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