Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tagaytay Trip (Day 2: August 8, 2010)

This is part 2 of my earlier post about our recent trip to Tagaytay (see part 1 here).

Cupid and my cousin really wanted to go and do the zipline but were unable to. First, because it took a while for the fog to clear out that morning. And when it finally did, it was almost check-out time. Plus, we needed to beat the traffic that was waiting for us in Manila.

Nevertheless, we decided to spend the little time we have by just relaxing and making the most of each others' company. And so we -
  • enjoyed the complimentary, yet highly satisfying and extremely sumptuous, Filipino breakfast buffet (Too bad, Cupid forgot to take the digicam with him and so we weren't able to take a photo of the breakfast evaaahhhh!);
  • prepared our things for our return trip to the Metro; then we checked-out the hotel;
  • took Maia to where the horses are for a little horseback-riding (It was her first time and she was really scared!)
  • visited the pink sisters convent
  • ate lunch at RSM restaurant (Taal's infamous tawilis...that's caught fresh, then lightly breaded and salted, then fried...are to DIE FOR! A must try, if you will ask me.)
Overall, even if the trip was just an "overnighter", it was memorable for me for I got to spend it with my cousins, my husband and daughter. It was especially significant for me and Cupid because it was during that time when we saw how much Maia was enjoying and seemingly taking in everything around her -- the weather, the climate, the outdoors...all of it! Well, with the exception of the horses. But regardless, she still showed the most emotion during this time and what's good is that her auntie-ninangs were around to witness all of it.

Then and there, Cupid and I vowed to do this again (and as often as possible) for her. It's a good thing that Tagaytay is just half-an-hour away!

Have a look see at the photos below to know what we were up to.

And before you leave, I want to thank you for dropping by. I wish you and your family well. Godspeed!

A thick screen of fog greeted us that Sunday morning.
The skies cleared after a while.  Good thing!  Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to take a photo of Taal Vista Hotel from the outside.  (Left) The original hotel/ structure. (Right) The new wing, where we stayed.
Another day.  Another wedding.  Another vintage bridal car. I don't know what that bridal car was on Day 1. This one, according to Cupid, is a Roll Royce :)
Maia horseback-riding with her dad.  Perhaps because it was her first close encounter with a horse, she was really scared!  Eventually she calmed down...but still refused to sit on "Sugar". Later on, she was complaining whenever "Sugar" stopped to pee. :)
It was also the day of the 7-11 Tour 500. They caused super-heavy traffic that time for they held their awarding ceremony right there on Aguinaldo Highway, and left sooooo much garbage there on the road!
Pink Sisters Convent in Tagaytay...beautiful and peaceful all around!
After we prayed and wrote down our petitions, we explored the convent's vast garden.
At RSM Restaurant.  L-R:  Yours truly, Badot and Gay :)
 Maia and her Mama Mia | Maia and her Daddy Cupid
 Just some of Maia's many faces :)

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